SeniorNet Curriculum: What, Why, & Who

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SeniorNet Curriculum: What, Why, & Who
SeniorNet Curriculum:
What, Why, & Who
SeniorNet’s Mission
To generate opportunities for
older adults to use technology
to empower themselves,
to benefit our communities
& to transform the world.
SeniorNet Learning Center Goals
• To educate older adults about computer
technologies in a warm and friendly
• To encourage lifelong learning and the
progression along a pathway from
computer literacy to fluency to mastery
SeniorNet Learning Center Goals
• To take part in the SeniorNet community of
computer using older adults
• To provide outreach to a wider community,
contributing to society by providing
assistance to others
How We Accomplish The
SeniorNet Mission
• Learning Centers
– Computer to accomplish tasks
– Basic skills to advanced specific interests
– Peer to Peer Teaching Model
How We Accomplish The
SeniorNet Mission
• Website – www.seniornet.org
– Online Communities
– Discussion Boards (RoundTables)
– Collaboration In Research On Older
Adults and Technology
How We Accomplish The
SeniorNet Mission
• Staff (& Lots of Volunteers!)
– Operations
– Programs & Services
– Business Development/Marketing
SeniorNet Web Site - 1
• 2,470,484 page views in January 06
• 75 new web registrants per week
• 105 dedicated volunteers
SeniorNet Web Site -2
• 600+ discussion topics: peer support and
education; new topics monthly
• Increased contributions to the Leadership
Exchange by Learning Centers
SeniorNet Directors
Scott Rains
Programs & Services
Marcie Schwarz
Online Programs
To Be Hired
Business Development
SeniorNet Programs & Services
Scott Rains
Director of Programs & Services
Elesa Livingston
Manager Director of Programs & Services
SeniorNet Consultants
(Regional & Special)
Programs & Services Team
Scott Rains
Director, Programs
& Services
Elesa Livingston
Manager, Programs
& Services
Ron Hankins
Regional Consultant
Western Region
Sandra Krasner
Regional Consultant
Northeast Region
Joe Tartaglino
Regional Consultant
Southeast Region
Jan Adkins
Regional Consultant
Mid-Atlantic & Texas
Mel Starkston
Regional Consultant
Midwest Region
Phil Carnahan
Special Consultant
Responsibility for Course
Primary responsibility for course
development is with HQ
• LC – based:
– Elesa Livingston, Scott Rains
• Web – based:
– Marcie Schwartz
Curriculum Overview
• What is covered & why
• SeniorNet Style & variations
• How to find SeniorNet courses
Windows XP Versions - Supplied by SeniorNet
Computer Fundamentals
Intro to Computers Intro to Word Processing
Intro to Quicken
Intro to Spreadsheet
Intro to Genealogy
Intro to Internet
Intro to Digital Imaging
Windows XP
MS Works Suite
MS Works Suite
Quicken Deluxe
MS Works Suite
Family Tree Maker
The Job of the Regional Consultant
• Represent SeniorNet HQ to Learning
Centers in their region
– New courses, MSUP, RTV
• Represent Learning Centers to SeniorNet
– Troubleshooting, regional conferences
Responsibility for Course
• ALC & Library – based: Joe Tartaglino,
Phil Carnahan, Scott
• Native American AC – based: Jan Adkins,
Elesa, Scott
LC & Member Leadership in
Course Development
Survey responses
LC uploads to LE
Contracted course writers
Outside authored courseware donations
The Growth of SeniorNet Course
Software donation driven curriculum
LC developed curriculum
Online curriculum
Project driven curriculum
Sponsor funded curriculum
Curriculum Growth:
Shorter Classes
•Workshops & Giveaways
•Snowbird Students
•Skills Updates
•Variations in Teaching & Learning Styles
•Native American curriculum
Maximizing Curriculum Growth:
Every Center should contribute to Leadership Exchange
•Centers differ in their skill sets & sustainability
•Rapidly sharing curriculum keeps LCs stronger
•New marketable ideas spread faster
•New curriculum can impact grants, donations, & partnerships
Examples of Curriculum Growth:
Plans with freeware/online programs:
•American Greetings Cardmaker
•HP Photoshare
Examples of Curriculum Growth:
Online Classes
• SeniorNet volunteers have been offering
instructor-led courses Latin and Greek,
since 2004.
• We will soon be planning for some
additional courses in Fall 2007, including
computer courses.
• Suggestions:
– Opportunities to participate in course
development or acquisition
– Troubleshooting LC curriculum
– Requests for new HQ courses
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