Navigate Blackboard Part One – Edit Mode

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Navigate Blackboard Part One – Edit Mode
Navigate Blackboard
Three tools to get you started moving through your course are Edit Mode, hiding and displaying the
Course Menu, and navigating with Blackboard’s breadcrumbs.
Part One – Edit Mode
The Edit Mode button is under your login information on the right hand side of the screen near the
top of the page.
To make changes to your course, make sure that Edit Mode is on
When Edit Mode is: OFF, you will not be able to add content or edit pages. You will see a view of
your course that is similar to what the student sees.
*Edit Mode in the OFF position does not display a true student preview, only a close
approximation. To view your course as your students see it, click the Student Preview button to
the left of the Edit Mode and Course Theme buttons.
eLearning @ NIC –– 11/16/2015
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How to Navigate Blackboard
Part Two – Hide and Display the Course Menu
If you are viewing Blackboard on a small screen, you can hide the Course Menu to give yourself
more room to view content.
The Hide Course Menu button is a hidden button that will only appear if you hover over it with
your mouse.
To display the button, hover your mouse over the area just to the right of the Course Menu. A
bar with an arrow will appear.
If you click the arrow, the menu will collapse to the left.
You may restore the Course Menu by clicking the arrow again.
Hide Course Menu
eLearning @ NIC –– 11/16/2015
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How to Navigate Blackboard
Part Three – Breadcrumbs
Rather than using the back button in your web browser, use Breadcrumbs to navigate through
Content Area
In this example, a Discussion Forum is displaying in the content area.
The circled links are Breadcrumbs. The title all the way to the right in the Breadcrumbs list will
be the title of the page you are currently viewing.
In this example, clicking the first link in the Breadcrumbs would take you back to the main
Discussion Board page.
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
eLearning @ NIC –– 11/16/2015
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How to Navigate Blackboard
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