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The Background
Magna Carta
1215 and the Magna Carta
*Document that became the basis for
English citizen’s rights
*signed by King John and a group of
powerful Nobles in 1215 after the
Nobles took up arms against the King
with backing from the Catholic Church
Magna Carta
Main Ideas:
Church would be free from royal
No extra taxes could be levied without
consent of Council of Nobles
Citizens given right to due process and
a fair trial
All citizens should have “natural rights”
Principles of Magna Carta
 Had specific ideas pertaining to monarchs:
King was denied the right to confiscate property.
An increase in taxes (adding money to the
coffers/treasury) had to be approved
The first Parliament was established
Effects of the Magna Carta
The people
began to operate
under a common
set of laws which
Specific Effects
1500s fuedalism no longer existed
Eventually led to modern day
representative government
There were two social groups:
These created the two houses in
More Specifics
 House of Nobles: old ruling families
 Commoners—those who were NOT NOBLES, but
WERE wealthy merchants, craftsmen, members of
guilds, and the peasants.
 Commoners participated in Parliament in the House
of Commons
 Parliament is:
The Problem Group
The Middle Class
This group was usually the largest and
caused the most problems for rulers.
These people often had some education,
some wealth, were examples to the peasants
below them.
The Middle Class proved to be a threat
when they pooled their minds and resources;
hence they were a target of rulers.
Keep’em Happy
The Middle class were put in positions of
authority and reported only to the king.
Such positions allowed the middle class to
rule their townships
They became accustomed to SELF-RULE
with little supervision.
Revolts and uprisings were avoided.
Magna Carta
Basic Ideals of Magna Carta
became the cornerstone of the
English Constitution and the
reference for those who would
write the Declaration of
Independence and the US
The ideas of Self-Rule went
to the New World with the
Middle Class!!
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