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Distribute - dbmanagement.info
Click Open
Select Type as ‘Service’,
Enter Quantity and Other required data,
then Click Shipments
Uncheck this
check box
Go to More Tab,Select Matching Option
as 2-Way and Invoice match option as PO
and click Distributions
Go to Charge Account,
Enter the specific Accounts
Enter the other Distribution Line(s)
Save and Close the screen(s)
Click Taxes to enter the
Enter the Taxes Applicable,
Click Apply and Save
Click Open to Open Purchase Order,then
Click Approve to Approve the PO
Click OK to Approve the PO
The PO is Approved
Go to AP responsibility,
Open Invoices screen and
Select Type as ‘PO Default’
Enter the PO number and
Click OK
Enter the Invoice Date, Invoice Number and the invoice amount
that is to be matched.
Select the match Option as
‘Purchase Order’ and
Click Match
Feed the Line number,
Shipment number and
Click Find
Note: Don’t matc
at this level,
otherwise matche
amount will be
prorated on the
basis of ordered
Check the Match Check box and
enter value for Quantity Invoiced,
then click ‘Distribute’
Enter the Quantity to be invoiced
at Distribution level.
Save and Close the Form
Alter the Invoice Amount,to match it with
Distribution Total. Save. To view
Distributions (Along with taxes)
click on Distribution
This screen shows the Distribution
Amount along with taxes.
Click Actions,Invoice Action Screen
will open.Check Validate and then
Click OK to Validate
Again click on Actions ,
check Create Accounting to Create
Accounting and then click OK
To view Accounting,
select View Accounting submenu
from Tools menu
in Menu bar.
Fly UP