Holidays and Festivals in the UK and the USA

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Holidays and Festivals in the UK and the USA
Holidays and Festivals
in the UK and the USA
How do people celebrate these
special days? When and Why?
Valentine‘s day
 14th February
 It is a festival of romantic love and many
people give cards, letters, flowers or
presents to their spouse or partner. They
may also arrange a romantic meal in a
restaurant or night in a hotel. Common
symbols of Valentine's Day are hearts,
red roses and Cupid.
Easter Day
 Christian (religious) holiday – people
commemorate death and resurrection
[ˌrezəˈrekʃən] of Jesus Christ in March or April
 People paint and decorate eggs
 Children believe that Easter Bunny comes to
their houses or gardens to hide eggs there.
Children look for them.
Mother‘s Day
 celebrated on the second Sunday in May
 Mothers get small presents from their
children – flowers, cards and other gifts
 People carve pumpkins – jack-o-lanterns
and dress up in scary costumes like
ghosts, witches or devils
 Children go trick or treating from door to
door and ask for sweets
 Children have costume parties
 Celebrated on October 31st
 Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (25/12), Boxing
 Santa Claus (US) or Father Christmas (UK)
brings presents
 Kissing under a mistletoe
 Decorating Christmas trees, hanging stockings,
 Christmas dinner - turkey + potatoes +
vegetables, Christmas pudding (UK)
 People go to church, sing Christmas carols,
send Christmas cards
 Christian holiday, people celebrate the birth of
Jesus Christ
 Special US holiday, celebrated on the 4th
Thursday in November
 Originally the first Pilgrims gave thanks to God
for the first harvest with the feast (17th century)
 Now important family holiday when family
members meet together
 Special dinner – turkey, potatoes, pumpkin
Independence Day
 Celebrated in the USA on the 4th of July
 The USA became independent on Great
Britain in 1776 after the War of
 The holiday celebrated with fireworks,
parades, barbecues, families meet
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