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Renaissance - lnhscreativephoto1
Renaissance Themes
Artistically-They attempted to make paintings portray “lifelike” humans, they
were very detailed to insure a more three-dimensional and real life quality.
Socially-The king of the land gave the country protection of everyone. The Nobles who
owned much of the land. The Merchants were the ones newly rich, who gained wealth from
industries. The middle class were shopkeepers. The lower class was the peasants and workers.
Politically-Renaissance was the end to feudalism and they made an effective central
government and reformed the church.
New Thinking-The new invention of the printing press changed the way of life for the people.
It allowed knowledge to spread so you could get books other than religion.
Important Influences.
The Plague known “Black Death” took the life of one half of the European
population. It spread rapidly through cities since there were people that were close
together. The population decreased, which led to an economic depression.
Once the Black Death was over, populations grew as people moved back and a
new middle class began to rise up and become bankers and merchants.
Historical Surrounding
The rise of the Merchants, taking power away from the nobility. They began
investing their money in the banking sector to increase the profit they were gaining
from trading.
Beliefs that lead to this
 All the life lessons you had to endure was a way to
heaven, and your reward was in the new world.
 Artwork was all done for the glory of God only.
 Humanism:
Why was the movement
Interesting Facts.
The colors of the Renaissance clothing were given meanings:
reen: Love
Gray: Sorrow
Yellow: Hostility
Blue: Fidelity
Red: Nobility
Black & Gray: Lower status people
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