10 Products in super stores vs. specialty stores

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10 Products in super stores vs. specialty stores
Super stores such as Wal -Mar t of fer a not
so large variety of cell phones. Although
most of them are outdated. Cell phones
sold in cell phone provider stores such as
TELUS of fer a much wider variety and
newly -dated selection of cell phones along
with plans, making the price to purchase
the phone much cheaper when bought
with a contract.
Wal-Mart (Above)
Telus store (Left)
Super stores like Wal -Mar t and Target all
of fer video games. All stores have about
the same amount of selection, and usually
only have the newer games in stock .
Specialty stores such as EB games and
Gamestop are full stores dedicated to
selling video games, of fer a much wider
variety, of fer used/ second hand games at
cheaper prices, and have older games that
you can’t find in super stores.
GameStop video game
selection (above)
Wal-Mart video game
selection (left)
Super stores of fer a ver y wide variety of clothing
such as children clothing, men and women's
clothing, work , summer and winter attire, shoes,
and more. Super stores can also have many sales/
deals. The appeal sold in super stores is usually
not by popular brand, and sometimes is not the
most durable, or resistant as clothing sold in
specialty stores that of fer more popular brands
but usually at higher prices, like Boathouse.
Wal-Mart clothing
department (above)
Boathouse clothing store(left)
Select super stores have food
depar tments, that are usually pretty
big, but not nearly as big as a whole
store devoted to selling food, such as
Sobeys grocer y store. Super stores of fer
all you need, but not as much selection
and choice with cer tain items.
Wal-Mart food
department (above)
Sobeys grocery store (left)
Canadian tire (super store) of fer s a
smaller selection of bikes and bike
accessories. Mostly only mountain bikes,
and mostly non-branded, these bikes are
sold at a good price for the quality of the
product. Specialty stores for bikes, such
as Thor tons cycles, Has a much wider
variety of bikes and bike par ts/
accessories, dif ferent types of bikes, and
more popular brands.
Canadian Tire bikes (above)
Thortons Cycles (left)
Canadian Tire (super store) of fer s skates and
ser vices like sharpening skates. While they
have a pretty wide variety, a specialty store
that retails skates, like Source for Spor ts,
of fer s more variety of skates and ser vices, as
well as a wider variety of winter wear, such as
spor t clothing, hockey sticks, etc.
Canadian Tire (above)
Source for Sports (Left)
Canadian tire has a full automotive depar tment
with par ts, accessories, tires, and a garage to
repair vehicles. Canadian tire has all necessar y
factor s of a mechanics garage, and is known to
be a trusted place to take your car when in
need of ser vice. A specialty store, such as a
mechanics garage, has pretty much all of the
same components as Canadian tire, both are
about the same as far as ser vices, par ts and
Canadian Tire (above)
Average mechanics shop (left)
Wal-Mar t super store has a broad selection of
movies, assor ted in a number of isles in
alphabetical order. They of ten have sales, or
buy one get one 50% of f deals, The only
option is to purchase movies though. In a
specialty store, such as block buster, you
have the option to rent movies for a cer tain
amount of time at a cheaper price than if you
where to buy it.
Wal-Mart (above)
Block Buster (left)
Many super stores are stalked when it
comes to furniture. Wal -Mar t has
indoor, as well as outdoor furniture,
but not nearly to the selection of a
specialty store such as Leon's, that
of fer s living room, dining room,
bedroom, and kitchen furniture and
appliances, as well as outdoor
Wal-Mart outdoor furniture
Leon’s (left)
Most super stores of fer candles. Wal -Mar t
has a small selection of candles in
dif ferent sizes and scents. A specialty
store, like Bath and Body Works, has a
much wider variety of choices in size and
Wal-Mart candle selection
Bath and Body Works (left)
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