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MSK Section Research Meeting
2005-2006 Academic Year
MR arthrography of the knee: how, why, when
MRI findings of femoral diaphyseal stress injuries in athletes.
Acromioclavicular joint osteoarthritis: comparison of findings derived
from MR imaging and conventional radiolgraphy.
Fresh Osteochondral Allografts.
Posterior cruciate ligament recess and normal posterior capsular
insertional anatomy: MR imaging of cadaveric knees.
MR imaging of the hip abductors: normal anatomy and commonly
encountered pathology at the greater trochanter.
MR imaging of the finger tendons: normal anatomy and commonly
encountered pathology.
Paraspinal muscle vasculature contributes to posterolateral spinal
Normal MR Imaging Anatomy of the Elbow.
MR Imaging of the Rotator Cuff Interval.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the hip.
2005-2006 Academic Year
• Pellegrini-Stieda disease: a heterogeneous disorder not synonymous with
ossification/ calcification of the tibial collateral ligament – anatomic and
imaging investigation.
• Inflammation of Hoffa’s Fat Pad in the Setting of HIV: MR Imaging
Findings in 5 Patients.
• Painful stress fractures in the fabella in patients with total knee
• Hyperplastic callus formation in osteogenesis imperfecta type V
• Magnetic resonance imaging of para-acetabular insufficiency fractures in
patients with malignancy
• MRI of anterior tibiotalar impingement
• Radial and ulnar bursae of the wrist
• Deep and superficial infrapatellar bursae of the knee
• Pattern of osteophytes and enthesophytes in the proximal ulna
• Imaging findings in asymptomatic patients with femoral diaphyseal stress
• Hypoplasia of the glenoid neck of the scapula
2005-2006 Academic Year
22 Peer Review
(20 Peer Review Publications 2004-2005)
(21 Peer Review Publications 2003-2004)
• Graeme Bydder
– Ultrashort TE Imaging
• Parviz Haghighi
– Pathology
• Rob Pedowitz
– Orthopedic surgery
Fellow Requirements
• One didactic lecture
• One research project
– 2 weeks to choose a project
– After 2 week time period, project will be assigned
• Case preparation
– Divide into individual cases and label folder with diagnosis
– Folder should contain a word document
• Origin of case (telerad location/ VA/ Thornton/ Scripps/ Hillcrest)
• Identifying info of patient
• Pertinent history
– All cases should be loaded into MIRC server (Amil will direct) as
well as computer in telerad room
• Writing
– Case reports
– Pictorial essays
– Chapters
• Doing and Writing
Retrospective review
Prospective studies
Lab projects
Imaging projects
IRB Approval
• Required for:
– All review of medical records
– All retrospective review
– Any study involving patients/ informed consent
• Website: http//medicine.ucsd.edu/humsub/
• Types of approval:
– Regular
– Expedited
• UCSD and VA approval
– Share a common IRB committee
– Once UCSD IRB approval acquired, must pass an administrative
approval by VA R&D committee
Steps to Begin Project
Verify the validity and novelty of the idea
Literature search (PUB MED)
Key articles (E-journal www.ucsd.edu)
Establish target journal
Discuss authorship and work responsibilities
Study design
– Objective
– Basic materials and methods
Data analysis
– Good idea to touch base with statistician to be sure design is statistically valid
– Paul Clopton (VA extension 3534)
– According to target journal instructions to authors
• If you write and submit the article to the journal,
you will be the first author
• If you do not submit the article to the journal, you
WILL NOT be the first author unless
arrangements have been made and approved
by the lead author
• With authorship comes the burden of justification
for your role in a project
Study Design:
Cadaveric Projects
• Contact person Deb Trudell (VA extension 7058)
• Protocol Description Worksheet
– Study description
– Specimen request
– MR technique (very specific)
• Imaging time
– Wednesday 9 pm start time
– Sunday 5 pm start time
Imaging Policy
• All MR images obtained for studies must be put in jpeg
format the night of imaging, placed in a folder on the
Neuroradiology PACS station on your VA sign in
• Request 2 CD’s of the data to be written by Mike Olds
(leave note on his door)
• One CD for your records which should be placed on the
Research computer in a folder with the project name
• One CD should be submitted to lead author
• Any photographs of gross anatomy/ dissections, etc for
projects should be placed on the Research computer
with a CD submitted to lead author
Meeting Presentation
• Funding for abstract presentation at major scientific
• Deadlines:
– ARRS October 1, 2006 Deadline
• (Meeting May 6-11, 2007 Orlando)
– SSR October ? deadline
• (Meeting March 2007, Orlando)
– ISMRM ?? Deadline October
• (Meeting May 19-25, 2007 Berlin)
– RSNA April 15
• (Meeting Nov-Dec. 2007, Chicago)
– International Skeletal Society ?? deadline
• (September 2007, Budapest)
Amil Research
• Radiology projects:
– Accessory muscles of the ankle
– Accessory muscle of the wrist or knee
– MR arthroscopic correlation
• Computer projects:
PowerPoint to flash conversion
Friday conference on the internet
Resident musculoskeletalradiology curriculum online
Structured reporting MIRC
Amil Research
• Educational projects:
– Fractures
– Arthritis
– Hardware Post op complications
– Incidental findings
– Skeletal scintigraphy
Tudor Research
Review article
– Bone within Bone appearance
– HIV Manifestations in MSK
– Periosteal reaction (possible poster)
– MSK findings of illicit drugs (possible poster) Rick Arigo
– Radiologic MSK anthropology (possible poster)
– Atlanto occipital atlas dissociation (possible poster) Toni Roth
– Fat in tendon sheaths: Predictor of adjacent fractures (possible poster) Ugne Skripkus
– Foreign bodies (possible poster)
– Rice bodies (possible poster)
– Corner fractures of the cervical spine Debra Chang
Tudor Research
Metatarsal head shape (Hamid Torshizy)
Stress fracture atlas (Luke Hiller)
C1 CPPD (Luke Hiller)
Border jumper injuries
Ligaments that ossify (Post tib fib) / Retrospective review of ankle fractures
(James Chang)
Cross sectional criteria for protrusio
Bone formers and THR: Does DISH improve noncemented THR outcome
3D reformats: Do these help the orthopedist
Don’s Research
SNAC wrist Debra Chang
Spring ligament anatomy Dean Bruce
CBC Research:
• Chapters
– Post-operative Elbow (Co-Authors: Steinbach/ Beltran/ Morrison/
Chung) Debra Chang
– Post-operative Wrist and Hand (Co-Authors: Steinbach, Beltran/
Morrison/ Chung) Nick Panchal
• Clinical
– Hoffitis in HIV patients
• Torshizy
– MR imaging of the hip
• Hong
• Research
Accepted for Publication
Accepted for Publication
– MR imaging and MR arthrography in cadaveric specimens with
existing meniscal tears and created lesions
CBC Research:
Anatomic Pathologic Correlation
1st MCP anatomy
Anatomy of the thenar eminence
Anatomy of the hypothenar eminence
Reflected Head of Rectus Femoris and Assoc Pathology
Standard MR imaging versus of MR arthrography for evaluation of
radial and ulnar collateral ligament injuries in the thumb (created
lesions in cadavers)
• MR classification for finger OA
– Aguiar
• DIP and PIP anatomy
– Aguiar
• Muscular attachment to humerus
– Inferior aspect of Intertubercular sulcus
• Posteromedial knee anatomy (bursa)
Accepted Presentation ISS/
RSNA 2006
Accepted Presentation ISS/
MSK Imaging Research Group
• Imaging of the Calcified Layers of Cartilage with
UTE Application
– Multiple phases of data collection/ analysis to work
toward several goals
• UTE optimization at 3T
• Comparison of UTE to standard clinical sequences for
evaluation of the deepest layers of cartilage
• Characterization of patterns of OA in the setting of deep layer
lesions (association with T2 mapping and dGEMRIC type
• Clinical applications
• Biomechanical correlation
Translational Cartilage
• Radiology
Christine Chung (Associate Professor Radiology)
Graeme Bydder (Professor Radiology)
Donald Resnick (Professor Radiology)
Shantanu Sinha (Professor Physics)
Robert Orth (Radiology Resident)
Hamid Torshizy (Medical student)
Richard Znamirowski (MRI technologist)
Nick Pinto (MRI technologist)
Deb Trudell (Research assistant and MRI
• Bioengineering
– Robert Sah (Professor Bioengineering)
– Won Bae (Assistant Research Assistant)
– John Lee (NIH funded medical student)
Translational Cartilage
• Orthopedics
– William Bugbee (Assistant Professor Orthopedics)
– Robert Pedowitz (Associate Professor Orthopedics)
• Pathology
– Parviz Haghighi (Professor Pathology)
– Darryl D’Lima (Director Orthopedic Research Center
Scripps Clinic)
– Jianfen Chen (Research assistant)
• Statistics
– Tanya Wolfson (Staff Statistician)
MSK Imaging Research Group
• Lab meetings Wednesdays 3 pm VA
conference room
• Physics meetings will begin August
– To follow clinical conference 7:45 – 8:30
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