Icebreaker Activity

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Icebreaker Activity
Icebreaker Activity
Left-side of room scenario 1
Right-side of room scenario 2
Take 2 minutes to think about your scenario
Share your ideas in groups of 4 or 5
Choose one person who will introduce the people in
your group and their ideas to the rest of us
Scenario - 1
You have been invited to make a presentation
this afternoon about an area of your teaching.
In 30 minutes a small airplane will whisk you
away to the executive retreat where the
presentation will take place. You have been
asked to take an object (or objects) that will
illustrate your presentation. It must fit in your
carry-on luggage (under the seat in front of
you). For security reasons, no electronic
devices are allowed.
What will you take, and how will you use it?
Scenario - 2
You are sitting in a coffee shop near your
campus when you realize two faculty members
from your course design workshop 2 years ago
are sitting in the seat in front of you. They have
not seen you and are telling a new faculty
member about something they learned in your
course that really stood out for them.
What do you want to hear?
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