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Air your opinion
New college English
Unit Five
I Preparation
III Further Development
II Reading Activities
IV Translation & Writing
Part I
1. Talking About Sports Activities
2. Guessing
Activity 1 Talking About Sports Activities
Directions: Divide the class into three groups. Each
group is required to deal with one category to list as
many items as possible.
Activity 1 Talking About Sports Activities
Individual Sports
Sports That Require Two
Players or More
Team Sports
shot put(铅球)
table tennis
water polo
ice hockey
Activity 2 Guessing
Directions: Describe your favorite athlete. Chinese or
international, to your group members, without
mentioning the name and see who in your group can
figure out the athlete you like most. Your description
should include a few important facts about him or her.
Part II
Reading Activities
1. Pre-reading Questions
2. Text Organization
3. Sentence Study
4. Words & Phrases
Pre-reading Questions
What are the most important qualities an athlete
An athlete should:
---- have strong willpower
---- be loyal to his team
---- be cooperative with his teammates
---- have a great sense of responsibility
---- be self-confident
---- be courageous
---- respect people, especially those who help him train.
Pre-reading Questions
2. Do you consider star athletes good role models for
young people?
I don’t think star athletes are good role models for young
people. It’s true that young people like them and can learn certain
qualities from them, such as their toughness, good athletic skills,
and strong willpower. Burt most of the athletes are only good at
sports. They train hard physically, then they rise to fame and get a
lot of money easily. This gives the youngsters the illusion that
fame and money can come easily without much effort. What’s
more some athletes are addicted to drugs or do illegal things now
and then, which ruins the overall image of star athletes.
Text Organization
Athletes should be role models.
People sometimes expect so much that some athletes
don’t want to be role models.
Athletes should be role models
Sentence Study
One of the reasons we get along so well, though, is that we both say
what’s on our minds without worrying about what other people
are going to think—which means we disagree from time to time.
(Line 5)
The reason is that… 原因是……
reason 后面接表语从句时,多用 that 引导。
【例句】The reason their cars sold so well was that they had a brilliant
marketing strategy.
Sentence Study
2. … it was clear that without immediate action, she would
die from loss of blood and shock. (Line 9)
【句型】此句型中clear 常可被其他形
如:it is obvious that, it is true that,
it is evident that等
【例句】It is clear that you didn’t win
her affection, otherwise she wouldn’t
reject your invitation.
Sentence Study
2. There are days when I don’t want to pose for a picture with every
fan I run into, when I don’t feel like picking up babies and giving
them hugs and kisses (no matter how cute they are), those are
the days I just try to avoid the public. (Line25)
Sentence Study
3. I wouldn’t ask whether he lives his life exactly the
way I would live it or whether he handles every
situation just the way I would handle it. (Line34)
【句型】由 whether 引导的两个从句做
wouldn’t ask 的宾语,构成并列结构;
“the way” 在句中意为 “in the same way
that” ( 以 与 …… 相 同 的 方 式 ) , 常 与
“just” or “exactly”连用。
Sentence Study
4. I wouldn’t ask whether he lives his life exactly the way I
would live it or whether he handles every situation just the
way I would handle it. (Line34)
Words & Phrases
1. course (n.)
1) an area of land or water on which a race is held or certain types
of sport played 跑马场;球场;场地
【例句】They are responsible for the maintenance of that race
2) the path along which something moves; direction of movement
taken by someone or something 道路;路线;方向
【例句】 The plane changed its course to avoid storm.
3) a set of lessons or studies 课程
【例句】He has already decided to take that two-year business
management course.
Words & Phrases
2. follow one’s lead / example
【 例 句 】Many young hurdlers follow Liu Xiang’s lead to
pursue their dream to become world champion.
follow the instructions 按照指示办事
follow someone’s advice 听从某人的劝告
follow the latest fashion 赶时髦
follow in one’s footsteps 步某人的后尘
Words & Phrases
3. pose
v. 1) to (cause to) sit or stand in a particular position, esp. in order to be
photographed, painted, etc.
【例句】 Just before the start of this season’s NBA All-Star Game, all the
star players posed for a photograph.
2) to be the cause of (something difficult to deal with); present
【例句】The shortage of food poses a threat to the continued existence
of this species.
Words & Phrases
4. tolerate (n.)
v. 1) to allow (something one does not agree with) to be
practiced or done freely without opposition; permit
【例句】 You have made so serious a mistake that could
never be tolerated.
2) to suffer (someone or something) without complaining or
becoming annoyed 忍受
【例句】He could never tolerate such rumor and curse.
Words & Phrases
5. publicity
n. 1) public notice or attention 公众的注意
【例句】 Soccer star Beckham and singer Victoria’s family
life always gets a lot of publicity.
2) the business of bringing someone or
something to the
attention of public宣传;推广;广告
【例句】A big publicity campaign to highlight the importance
of saving resources will be carried out this Sunday.
Part III
Further Development
1. Air your opinion
2. Do they deserve so much
Air your opinion
Directions: Suppose you are a group organized by the International
Olympic committee to discuss some serious problems. Read the
following problems and focus on two of them for each group.
Problem A: Some athletes take advantage of stimulants or drugs to win.
Problem B: To host the Olympics Games sometimes involves dishonesty and
bribery between some officials of the IOC and those from cities that are
eager to host the games.
Problem C: It’s unfair that the winners are not always the best athletes.
Sometime some athletes will win just because they are famous and
Problem D: Some courtiers hire an international coach at great expense.
Meanwhile some famous athletes go abroad and compete on behalf of
other courtiers with those from their own homelands.
Air your opinion
Problem A:
Drugs are dangerous and they are forbidden. Athletes should be role
models for young sports fans. If they don’t set a good example,
perhaps their fans will follow them and take drugs, too. Winning
is important, but the spirit of the Olympic Games – peace,
friendship and fair play – is more important. Coaches,
governments and officials concerned should take measures to
prevent this harmful behavior.
Air your opinion
Problem B:
It is a great honor to host the Olympic Games. However, each
country or city should respect the spirit of the Olympic Games,
and obey the rules to compete with each other. The spirit of the
Olympic Games is peace, friendship and fair play. If some
countries or cities use illegal ways to attain their aim, the great
spirit of the Games will be violated.
Air your opinion
Problem C:
This is a dirty practice and will make people, especially sports fans,
indignant. Referees should observe the regulations strictly and
develop a down-to-earth attitude towards sports competitions so
as to treat each athlete equally. The International Olympic
Committee should observe referees’ work carefully, punish
regulation violators and dismiss them from the sports ground.
Air your opinion
Problem D:
I don’t think hiring international coaches is always bad. If they are
more experienced than the local ones, why not have them help
make achievement? Good results really matter. However, it’s
pity that some famous athletes choose to work for other
countries and compete against those from their own countries.
Since athletes stand for their motherlands, they are not
individuals any more during international games.
Do they deserve so much
Directions: Nowadays, star athlete have not only acquired fame but
also made a lot of money. Do you think star athletes really
deserve what they have got? Discuss the questions in groups
and support your answer.
The following expressions might be helpful to you.
the intensity of training,
fierce competition
beyond what we can imagine, a vigorous training regime
strict coaches,
challenging jobs
Do they deserve so much
Athletes train very hard. The intensity is
beyond what we can imagine. They get up very
early in the morning and have a very vigorous
training regime no matter how cold or hot it is.
Coaches can be very harsh. In fact, very few
athletes can get good result in world-class
competitions. What’s more, their sports life is
comparatively short compared with pop stars,
who don’t train as hard as athletes, but earn
more and are popular for a longer period of
time. I don’t think that’s fair. So in my opinion,
star athletes deserve what they get.
Do they deserve so much
I don’t think they deserve what they get.
Most jobs involve strict training and are
challenging too, but few people can make
as much money as star athletes do. For
example, scientists spent time and money
to get a good education, and they have to
work very hard to be able to make
achievement in different areas. Now think
about what they get. They can never be
as popular as star athletes and their
income means nothing as compared with
athletes. It’s really unfair.
Part IV Translation & Writing
1. Translation Skills
2. Writing Practice
Translation Skills
Translation Skills
Translation Skills
The big problem of comprehension of the English text
and the bigger problem of how to express it in rich,
present-day Chinese, which ranges from the classical to
the oral, both have to be solved in the course of
Translation Skills
2. Learning is, in too many cases, a substitute for true
knowledge. Books are less often made use of as
spectacles with which to look at nature, than as blinds
to keep out its strong light and shifting scenery from
weak eyes and lazy persons.
Translation Skills
3. Law-and-order is the longest-running and probably the best-loved
political issue in U.S. history. Yet it is painfully apparent that
millions of Americans who would never think of themselves as
lawbreakers, let alone criminals, are increasingly taking liberties
with the legal codes that are designed to protect them and their
Writing Practice
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes
to write a composition on the following topic:
Athletes Should (Not) Be Role Models. In your
composition, you should use at least
six words or phrases from the box below:
participate glory responsibility follow one’s lead
contribute role model intensity contribute
thanks to
performance competitive perfection
measure up to one’s expectations
outweigh positive
Writing Practice
Athletes Should Be Role Models
Whether they like it or not, athletes are role models. If
they participate in national or international sports
and win, we admire them. We don’t necessarily
worship them, but we think about their courage
and determination when we are discouraged.
Most athletes have qualities that make them good examples for other
people. They aim for perfection and have a lot of self-discipline(
自律). These are positive characteristics that most people would
like to have. Since we live in a competitive world today, we need
the qualities that athletes have in order to succeed.
Writing Practice
Some athletes, however, do not measure up to our expectations.
They become greedy and selfish. Perhaps they think that
because they are famous they can do anything they want. Even
though some athletes become very rich and powerful, they do
not take their social responsibility seriously.
The role models we choose can come from
any walk of life. In a sense, athletes are the
center of attention. We can watch their
performance on television, or we can read
about them in the newspaper. We can also
talk about them with our friends. Athletes are
like public heroes who can inspire us.
Thanks for Your Attention!
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