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Korea ppt
The Korean War:
What do we know
about North Korea
What does
this night
image tell
us about
North Korea?
Kim Il Sung
Kim Jong Il
Kim Jong-Un
So ... how did this all come to be?
How did Korea become a divided peninsula?
War sweeps up and down the
"If we lose the war to Communism in Asia, the fall of
Europe is inevitable. Win it, and Europe most probably
would avoid war and yet preserve freedom.... There is no
substitute for victory."
"I would have dropped 30 or so atomic bombs . . . strung
across the neck of Manchuria. Then I would have
introduced half a million Chinese Nationalist troops at the
Yalu and then spread behind us -- from the Sea of Japan
to the Yellow Sea -- a belt of radioactive cobalt . . . it has
an active life of between 60 and 120 years. For at least 60
years there could have been no land invasion of Korea
from the North. I am certain that the Russians would have
done nothing about this strategy. My plan was a cinch.”
General MacArthur to Bruce Cumings; Charles Willoughby Papers, box 8, interviews by Bob Considine and Jim
Lucas in 1954
"The Korean People's Army and Chinese People's Volunteer Army are victorious. Long
“Korea is China’s neighbor ... The Chinese people cannot
but be concerned about a solution of the Korean question”
Zhou Enlai
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