Berkshire Medical Center General Practice Residency in Dentistry

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Berkshire Medical Center General Practice Residency in Dentistry
Berkshire Medical Center
General Practice
Residency in Dentistry
The Berkshires
Just a few things to do!
• “America’s Premiere Cultural Resort”
• Summer Theater Festivals
• Williamstown, Berkshire
• TangleWood: Boston Symphony Summer home
• Film Festivals
• Williamstown, Jewish, International
• Museums
• Clark Art, MassMOCA, Berkshire, Williams College
• Edith Wharton home “the Mount”, Norman Rockwell
• Four Season sports
The Berkshires
• 1 hour to Albany Airport
• 3 hours to both Boston and NYC
• Outlet shopping
The Residency
• Benefits
Salary: $49,950 (2009/2010)
Vacation: 3 weeks of Earned Time
BHS Health Insurance
BHS Life/Disability Insurance
BHS 401K
The Residency
• Benefits; Extras
• Scrubs, labcoats
• $500 Book money
• Meals on call
The Residency
• Professional Benefits
• Budget for Attendance at an
academic meeting (i.e. Yankee
Dental Congress)
• Membership in Local dental
society with Paid attendance at
monthly dinner CDE events
• Attendance at 2 All Day CDE
The Residency
• Academic Benefits
• Standard ADA Rotations
• Anesthesiology: 2 weeks
• Internal Medicine at CHC: 2 weeks
• Visits to Specialists Offices
• ½ day to observe: Perio, OS, Endo,
Pedo, Prosth
The Residency
• Academic Benefits
• IMPLANTS: Zimmer grant
• 2 mock hands on implants
• 2 patient implants and restorations
• Medical Library
• Dental Subscriptions
• Amazing Inter Library Loan resources
• OnLine resources
The Residency
• Experience Benefits
Medically compromised Patients
Wheel chair accessible clinic
Pediatric Dentistry
Operating Room Dentistry
• Once a month block rotation for GA
pediatric and adult cases.
The Residency
• Academic Experience
• Weekly Study Group; resident led
journal club, case discussions
• Friday morning didactic program:
one presentation in Spring
• Internal Medicine Review: one
body system presentation in Fall
The Residency
• Clinical experience
Mostly one to one assistant
Full time receptionist
3/5 time Program Director
2/5 time general dentist clinic
• Volunteer general dentists,
The Berkshires
• View images of the Berkshires
at the visitors bureau website:
• http://www.berkshires.org
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