Bienvenue ATPS Welcome to TSPA

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Bienvenue ATPS Welcome to TSPA
Bienvenue ATPS
Welcome to TSPA
Academie de Tennis et de Psychologie du
Tennis and Sports Psychology Academy
Presented by Lior Doron
Plan of Attack
Private Lessons / Meet the staff
• Club Med / Royal Caribbean
• Worked as a tennis instructor at the Cote Saint Luc
Tennis Club 2006
• High School Teacher at Laval Liberty High School part
of the Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board
• Owner of Flow in Sports as a sports psychology coach
• TSPA formerly began in 2007 with Maher Diab and
Lior Doron. I worked as camp director then…
• Maher Diab has a consulting role with TSPA
• Lior Doron working as academy director for TSPA
Private Lessons
• As low as $25 per hour with PIT (Pro in
trainers) - $40 per hour with Sr. instructors (5 or
more years experience)
• Great way to get individual attention and
improve your game
• 1:1 training
• 2:1 training is called a semi-private lessons. Add
$10 for each additional person
• Meet the staff – click here. Call or email them!
• Minimum of two people to start a clinic
• Three trimesters (before the summer / during the
summer / after the summer)
• 7 weeks / 10 weeks / 7 weeks
• Starting as low as $12 per hour; flexible schedule
• Non-members can participate but add $10 per person
for a maximum of five lessons.
• Special that allows you to be a member of the club for
duration of the clinic for either $10 for Jr. $15 for Sr. or
$20 for adult. You can pay the difference if you decide
to join i.e. if Adult membership costs $395 but paid
$140 in guest fees then only pay $255.
• More information and see the schedule
Proud to say that it is one of the most popular camps in the city
10 weeks; Monday – Friday ; five periods per day
Up to three hours of instructional play
Soccer every day
Free swim (with a lifeguard)
Sports psychology twice a week (improving mental skills on and
off the court).
Rainy days in the clubhouse or movies at Cavendish or bowling
Example of self – talk: campers will write down words like ‘I
can” or “I believe in myself ”.
More information and registration online
See the Promotional video! We’ll see you on the courts!
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