Guess That Property Game

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Guess That Property Game
November 7
Q2 - pg. 5
• Daily Goal: We will be able to compare physical
and chemical properties
• Homework: Finish creating your data table and
graph from your science fair experiment due today,
finish physical/chemical foldable and revise your test
by tomorrow
Science starter: (Answer this
in your notebook):
List 5 physical characteristics
that you can observe about a
Table of Contents – Quarter Two
• Parts of the Ear and Test Preparation
• Physical and Chemical Changes Intro
• Physical and Chemical Properties
Q2 - PG. 1
Q2 – PG. 3
Q2 – PG. 5
The Way to Play:
1. I will put a slide on the board.
2. I will give you 2-3 minutes.
3. During that time, you and your partner will
try to figure out what the pictures have in
4. Write down your answers in the same order
as the slides (i.e. answer #1 for slide #1).
5. At the end, you will have a chance to see how
many physical properties you got right.
1. Color
2. Odor (smell)
3. Melting Point
4. Freezing Point
5. Boiling Point
6. Conductivity (ability to transfer electricity)
7. Solubility (ability to dissolve things)
8. Density
Write these in your notebook under the
title, “Physical Properties of Matter.” You
will have 2 minutes.
1. Flammability (how easily it burns)
2. Reactivity (What happens when you mix it
with another substance? A good indication
of a chemical reaction is if it produces
bubbles. But that doesn’t always mean it’s
chemical! Think about boiling water.)
3. Oxidization (What happens when it is
exposed to oxygen? Rusting is an example
of oxidization.)
Write these in your notebook under the
title, “Chemical Properties of Matter.” You
will have 3 minutes.
1. Look at the pictures of chemical and physical changes.
2. Figure out what is the difference between what is
happening in a physical change and what is happening
in a chemical change.
3. Make a rule for what can happen during a physical
change and what cannot happen. You will have 2
minutes per slide.
Breaking a graham cracker can be a physical change,
because it doesn’t change the graham cracker. Eating a
graham cracker (digesting it), cannot be a physical
change, because you change the graham cracker to a new
1.Generate (come up with) a list of similarities
and differences between physical and chemical
2.Create a Venn Diagram to compare the ways
that physical and chemical changes are alike
and different.
3.List as many ways as you can think of. You will
have 10 minutes.
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