Section B 2a

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Section B 2a
Unit 9
Can you come to
my party?
2a Make a list of the kinds of parties people have.
Birthday party
family party
class party
farewell party (送别会)
housewarming party(乔迁庆宴会)
Think more!
2b Skim the message below. Why did the people
write them? Match the reason with each
message below.
1.accept an invitation
2.make an invitation
3.turn down an invitation
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1 Hi David,
What a great idea! I really like Ms. Steen
a lot. She helped me to improve my English
so much. I’m sad to see her go, and this party
is the best way to say “Thank you and
goodbye.” I can help to buy some of the food
and drinks. I can help to bring MS. Steen
to the party. I already have a great idea
about how to do that.
He Wei
Thanks so much for planning this. I’d love
to come to the party, but I’m not available.
My family is taking a trip to Wuhan at the
end of this month to visit my aunt and uncle.
However, I’d still be glad to help out with any
of the party preparations, like planning the
games. Let me know if you need my help.
2 Dear classmates,
As I’m sure you know by now, our favorite
teacher, Ms. Steen, is leaving soon to go back
to the US. We’re very sad that she’s leaving
because she is a fun teacher. To show how
much we’re going to miss her, let’s have a
surprise party for her next Friday the 28th!
Can you come to the party? If so, can you
help with any of these things?
Please tell me by this Friday.
1) Buy food and drinks.
2) Think of games to play.
3) Prepare things we need for the games (glue,
paper, pen,…).
4) Bring Ms. Steen to the play without telling so
that she can be surprised.
I look forward to hearing from you all.
2c Read the messages and answer the questions.
1. What kind of party is it?
party .(送别会)
2. Who is the party for?
Ms. Steen
3. When is the party?
Next Friday the 28th.
4. Who did David invite to the party?
his classmates, such as He Weir, jack.
5. What can people do at the party?
They can eat, drink, and play games.
2d Complete the invitation with words and
phrases from the message on page 69.
We are planning a housewarming party at our
new house this Saturday. Can you
come to my party ? Our house is at 2 London
Road. We are serving food and
drinks .
from 7:30 p.m. Please bring your friends and
family. A party is more surprising with
more people! Please let us knowby
Wednesday if
you can come to the
party. Hope you can make it!
2e Imagine one of your favorite teachers is
leaving. Plan a party for him / her. Answer
the questions with a partner.
1.Why is he /she one of your favorite teachers
She often encourage me and help me in my life.
2. What do you want to say to him /her?
Dear Mr. Shen, really thanks for your care!
3. When is the best time to have the party?
This Friday at 7:00 p.m.
4. Where can you have the party?
A restaurant near our school.
5. What kind of food will there be?
Fruit, meat dairy products and nuts(坚果)
6. What kind of drinks would you like to serve?
All kinds of orange juice, beer and so on.
7. Who will come to the party?
All of my classmates.
8. What activities will there be at the party?
guess riddle, tell jokes, sing and so on.
9. How can you make the party a surprise
for your teacher?
Invite her without telling her.
e.g. Come at the invitation.
They received invitations to the party.
(1) invite sb. to sw=ask sb. to sw(某地)
e.g. He invited many people to his house.
(2) invite sb. to do sth=ask sb.to do sth.
e.g. He also invited a singer to sing for his
(3) invitation to sw /to do sth.
e.g. an invitation to the party
an invitation to go to the summer camp
2. I look forward to hearing from you all.
look forward to 是一个固定搭配,表示“期待
期盼”, 其中to 是介词,因此后面如果使用动
词,要试用其-ing 形式。又如:
I look forward to your reply.
I’m really looking forward to seeing my little
grandson again.
3. Hope you can make it!
此句中的make it 是个独立地表达方式,表示
事,可译为“ 成功;胜利”, 但有时也要视
语 境及上下文灵活进行翻译,此处便是如此。
e.g. If we run, we should make it.
Though it was difficult, they still made it.
4. Please reply in writing to this invitation by
Friday, December 20th.
1)replying in writing 表示“ 以书面的形式
进行回复”。其中reply相当于 answer,但要
示方式,相当于汉语“ 用……方式(形式)”
引入宾语内容,构成 reply to … 的结构。如:
Did you reply to these letter?
3)在此句中,介词by 译为“ 截止……; …..之
前到……为止”。介词before 也有“……之前
而 by 则包括。
e.g. You should get your homework ready by
Friday. Remember: Friday is the last day!
can you come and meet me before Friday?
I’ll be away early Friday morning.
Plan a party
Write everything you have to do next
week. Choose a day and time to have
a party. Then invite classmates to
your party.
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