Boys/Girls Cross Country

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Boys/Girls Cross Country
St. Mary’s High School
Purpose: To glorify God by providing a
Christian environment where athletic
competition emphasizes sportsmanship and
Christian character.
Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools
While waiting for membership in the TAAPS
league, scrimmages with surrounding schools
have been scheduled.
(Mandatory drug test, strict regulations, and sports
fees and penalties)
Sports Offered
Girls Volleyball – August through October Coach: Janet
Boys/Girls Cross Country – Must sign up today if
interested in running. Coach Knotts
Soccer – August through October Coach Viloria
Boys Basketball – November through February Coach Jon
Girls Basketball – November through February Coach B
Boys/Girls Track – February through April Coach Knotts
Athletic Fee
$12.00 per month for ten months charged to
your account, or $120.00 fee at registration.
(Same price for one or all sports)
Gate fees $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for
students. (This price may be more at away
Optional: Booster Gold Club Member $200.00
for all middle school and high school home
Optional: High School Booster Club Member
Athletic Period
In season – zero period 7:15 (dressed and in
squad) Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and
Off season – 1st period 8:00 (dressed and in
Late Policy for Zero Period
(per season)
First and second offense
Third and fourth offense
10 minute workout during 7:50 – 8:00 break
30 minute workout after school
Five or more offenses
Benched during the next game
Zero Period con’t.
Not showing up for zero period:
First offense: 45 minute workout after school
Second offense: benched during the next game
Third offense: removed from team
Rules, Policies, and Expectations
If an athlete has a failing grade on their report card, they are ineligible and
will be removed from the in-season sport. Athletes cannot lose eligibility due
to a failing grade on progress reports. Athletes can regain eligibility for the
next in-season sport if they are passing all classes at the 4 ½ week monitoring
period or report card prior to that sport.
Athletes are expected to uphold the image of St. Mary's and the team by
having a good attitude and conduct towards coaches, fellow players, and
other teams.
If an athlete cannot be at a practice they must notify their coach in advance.
If an athlete becomes a discipline problem at a game or practice the coach
will decide if that athlete will play in the next game. Severe problems can
warrant suspension or expulsion from the team.
If an athlete misses a game, the coach will decide, whether that athlete will
play in the next game.
Rules, Policies, and Expectations
Inappropriate behavior at school or during school activities may
result in suspension or expulsion from extra-curricular activities.
•All rules and policies in the Student Handbook apply to student
Parent Expectations
See contract in packet.
Parents play a vital role in the development of
our athletes.
Be an agent of positive change.
Gain an understanding and appreciation for the
rules of the game.
Take time to talk with coaches: chain of
Parent Expectations Con’t.
Concession stand/gate/bookkeeper/clock/line
judge/gym clean-up after game/etc.
All parents will be assigned a duty. A handout will
go home before each season with assigned
duties. If you are unable to do your assigned
duty, it will be your responsibility to find a
*We would prefer adults working these areas
instead of student athletes.
Bag and Travel Jersey
First round of orders due August 4th
Forms to be turned in prior to, or
on the first practice:
(Form) Athletic Physical if needed.
Proof of insurance (copy insurance card)
(Form) Parental Approval for Athletic Treatment
(Handout) Athletic Rules and Policies
(Form) Parent Contract
(Letter) After School Letter
(Handout) Athletic Power Point/List of Sports
Additional Paperwork
Schedule for August
Tentative Game Schedule
Workouts: Volleyball, Soccer, Cross country
Order Form for bag/travel shirts
College Recruiting
Volleyball/Soccer: Reputable club team (as young as
Basketball: AAU Summer League/Elite camps (as young
as possible)
Track: Recruits from high school meets/times/distance
Golf/Tennis: Junior League Tournaments
Additional Information
Booster Club President
Responsible for getting supplies for concession stand
Spirit shirt design and sales
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