Avian (Bird) Flu Pandemic Business Continuity Planning

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Avian (Bird) Flu Pandemic Business Continuity Planning
Avian (Bird) Flu Pandemic
Business Continuity
Presented by:
Dennis Hordyk, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Financial Services
Charlene Minnick, Senior Director, Systemwide Risk
Management ([email protected])
December 13, 2005
Today’s Presentation
Brief Background on Avian Flu
 Why the Concern?
 Recommendations for
 Resources
 Conclusions
Avian Flu is spreading in Asia, the
stage is set for a pandemic
This virus has undergone several
A mutation to a human-to-human
transfer can take place at any time
No vaccines for this virus or the
mutated version (if this happens)
Preparedness is important
Why the Concern?
Pandemics are about people
Pandemics are not handled in the
traditional model for emergency
Pandemics do lend themselves to a
Business Continuity Model
Recommendations for
The CSU consider adopting a
strategy to prepare and practice an
Influenza Pandemic Business
Continuity Plan
• This BCP should be a specialized annex
to the campus’ BCP
• The Draft document distributed today is
a guide to campuses in developing their
Recommendations (con’t)
Business Continuity Planning for
Pandemic (or any Contagious
Disease Outbreak – natural or manmade) provides the tools to protect
our most important asset – our
people (students, faculty and staff)
and enables the CSU to respond in a
thoughtful and prudent manner to
allow us to continue in our mission
The Office of Risk Management will continue to
monitor the situation and provide updates and
work with Student Health Centers regarding their
We will work with local, county, state and federal
offices for the most current information and
resources when needed
The Office of Human Resources will provide
assistance to campuses regarding absentee
policies and issues concerning core personnel
The Office of General Counsel is researching legal
points and authorities concerning closures,
isolation of persons, quarantine issues
No one can predict with certainty if this
influenza will cause the next Pandemic
The Public Health Department is the
recognized authority to issue quarantine
Scientists do predict that if human-tohuman transmission occurs there may be
less than 30 days for the first wave of
pandemic illness to strike the U.S.
Preparedness should begin now
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