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AAKD Pre-Show Press_Final
Ramy Bekheit
NJTL of Trenton, Inc.
7 years with NJTL
Robbinsville, NJ
8th Grade – A’s & B’s
USTA Boy’s 14’s #409
Playing tennis is my life and joy. Nonetheless, our family has always stressed balance;
competitive tennis, while a great love, cannot cause me to lose sight of family, school, and
caring about friends and family. I believe that this balance and sense of belonging will help
separate me from my peers over the next few years. As the pressures of growing into a
teenager combine with the demands of playing at the highest competitive levels, I will be better
prepared to deal with the ups and downs which I will inevitably face.
Shinann Featherston
New York Junior Tennis League
10 years with NJTL
Rockaway, NY
Senior—GPA: 3.6
USTA Girl’s 18’s #9
Shinann enjoys playing tennis with her family who all play tennis. Her off court activities
include working with Special Olympians here and away at camps.
Denis Kudla
Junior Tennis Champions Center
6 years with NJTL
Arlington, VA
10th Grade – A’s & B’s
USTA Boy’s 16’s #10
Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Denis now resides in Arlington, VA. His highest ranking was #1 in
USTA Boys 14’s. Denis’ ambition is to become a successful person and live a great life. He
would also like to go pro and become #1 on the ATP tour. His favorite sports are tennis,
football, basketball, and golf. Science is his favorite subject in school.
Carlin Murray
Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis & Education Center
4 years with NJTL
Philadelphia, PA
12th Grade – 3.0
USTA Boy’s 14’s #114
As a player it is always beneficial to be in contact with those people who can provide you with a
positive prospective. The NJTL /AAYTC’s programs have been the arena for this to occur. I was
honored to be selected as a Goodstein Junior Leader. It has been very rewarding to volunteer
throughout the year on various projects at the AAYTC. At Haverford, I play # 1 on the Varsity
Tennis Team. My educational expectations is to continue to learn to integrate all my academic
subjects into daily living, and acquire the necessary tools to prepare me for college. My goal is to
attend a Top-Ranked College and major in Biology and play Tennis. I hope to obtain a Tennis
Scholarship, so my parents will not have to take any more loans. I am striving to be successful in
today’s society, by obtaining the best education I can.
Taylor King
Harlem Junior Tennis & Education Program
9 months with NJTL
Roosevelt, NY
10th Grade – 92
Eastern Girl’s 16’s #117
My parents introduced me to tennis when I was ten years old. Before tennis I spent most of
my time with art, music and gymnastics. Tennis became something else I was excited
about. Nine (9) months ago, I tried out and was accepted by the Harlem Junior Tennis High
Performance Program. I’ve become a much better player and a better person since then.
Harlem Junior Tennis has become a second home to me. I excel in school, making honor roll
every marking period. I still love music and art. I play for the chamber orchestra and I am in
an advanced art class. Tennis has taught me to be more confident and that you do get out
of everything what you put in.
Junior Ore
Junior Tennis Champions Center
7 years with NJTL
Gaithersburg, MD
10th Grade – A’s & B’s
USTA Boy’s 16’s #32
Junior achieved his highest ranking as #2 in USTA Boy’s 14’s, and with Denis Kudla formed
the #1 doubles team. Junior aspires to be the best tennis player that ever lived and the best
person that he can be. When he isn’t playing tennis he is playing soccer and basketball and
hanging out with friends. History is his favorite subject.
Darien Sears
Prince George’s Tennis & Education Foundation
10 years with NJTL
Silver Spring, MD
10th Grade – 3.8
Mid-Atlantic Girl’s 16’s #47
I began playing tennis when I was 5 years old with the Prince George’s Tennis & Education
Foundation. My highest ranking in the 14’s division was 28. Tennis means the world to me
because I love the competition, the experiences throughout the last nine years have been
amazing and I love the family I’ve gained with PGTEF. I also play the violin and have
performed for various groups including seniors. I speak French and plan to travel to France
as an exchange student in the spring of 2008.
Taylor Townsend
Tennis In Motion, Inc.
3 years with NJTL
Jonesboro, GA
8th Grade – A’s & B’s
USTA Girl’s 12’s #55
One of my career highlights was winning the USTA National Girl’s 12’s Doubles. I love to
cook, read, write, and draw. Tennis to me is like a mother to a child, I can’t do without it
because it has taught me a lot. When I first began this sport I knew it would be hard, but as
I got older I realized that it was my dream, and that is why I love the game so much.
Asika Isoh (Alternate)
New York Junior Tennis League
6 years with NJTL
New York, NY
8th Grade – A’s & B’s
USTA Boy’s 14’s #45
I paired up with the Governor of New York, Elliot Spitzer and won in a doubles duel against
Shinann Featherston and Mayor David Dinkins. In my spare time I love to read and create a
lot of noise on the piano. Tennis teaches me the lessons of life: how to compete, how to
focus, how to plan, how to be patient, and how to appreciate others and their talents. It also
improves my inter-personal relationship with people from other cultures and how to be an
effective member of a team. Finally it enhances my chances of becoming either a
professional tennis player or a medical doctor.
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