What goes into a text…

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What goes into a text…
What goes into a text…
``Now comes the President here. It's the window
he's stepping through to wave to the crowd. On his
victory his opponent congratulates him. What they
are shaking now is hands. A speech is going to be
made by him. `Gentlemen and ladies. That you are
confident in me honors me. I shall, hereby I
pledge, turn this country into a place, in which
what people do safely will be live, and the ones
who grow up happily will be able to be their
‘Input’ for an NLG system
weather(bremen, wet)
weather(bremen, windy)
event(bremen, arts-festival)
event(bremen, film-festival)
event(munich, oktoberfest)
nearby(bremen, moors)
population(bremen, 750000)
industry(bremen, service)
atmosphere(bremen, clean)
A possible ‘generated’ text...
Bremen is an attractive and green city with
nearby moors. Its population is around
750,000. Although its climate is wet and
windy, it has, like the Munich Oktoberfest,
several events. These include both an art
festival and a film festival. It also has low
air pollution and industries mainly in the
service sector.
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