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bpe08 - Research Exchange
Using Item Mapping to Create
Communities in An Institutional
Repository: The Washington
State University Experience
Kay Vyhnanek
Scholarly Communication Librarian
Washington State University
Rising to Digital Challenges:
Best Practices Exchange 2008
Helena MT
May 21-23, 2008
What’s In Store
• A Little Background info on Research
 DSpace software – why we chose it
 Policy questions
• What goes in it (with any luck)
• How to establish communities
• What Is Item Mapping
 What it looks like
 What it does
• Why Map Items?
• What Are The Benefits
Background Info
• Why We Chose Dspace
 Systems Librarian reviewed available software
and made recommendation
 Had backing of MIT and Hewlett Packard
 Expected it to handle the types of material we
intended to include
More Background
• Policy Questions
 What goes in it
• Electronic dissertations and theses
• Anything we can get our hands on! (WSU research, that
 How to establish communities
• What structure to use
• How best to reflect WSU research
What is Item Mapping?
What Item Mapping Does
Why Map Items?
• Provides more exposure for individual
items within Research Exchange
• Creates a more robust set of communities
and collections
The Difference It Makes:
Without Mapping
Communities in Research Exchange
Choose a community to browse its collections.
Department of Anthropology [13]
Department of English [1]
Electronic Dissertations and Theses [549]
Electronic Journals [355]
Graduate School [33]
Intercollegiate College of Nursing [5]
International Conference of Animal Health Information Specialists [3]
Libraries [92]
Sustainability Initiative [2]
WSU Academic Showcase Poster Session [19]
WSU Administration [1]
WSU Arboretum Committee [1]
On the Other Hand -When Mapping Is Used
• https://research.wsulibs.wsu.edu:8443/dspace/
• Creates communities and collections that are
representative of the departments and other units
on campus
• Makes the Research Exchange more viable as far
as generating items for inclusion
• Provides a basis on which to grow
Kay Vyhnanek
[email protected]
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