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What is Buddhism?
• Buddhism is a major world
religion, or in a better sense,
• It is the 4th largest religion of
the world, and has about
300,000,000 people living by it.
• It explains the purpose of life,
injustices and inequality
around the world.
• It also helps people by
providing a way of life that will
lead to true happiness.
The History of Buddhism
• It was all started by Buddha, who was a prince in
Lumbini, 2500 years ago.
• He was very unhappy in his royal life, so he set
off on a 6 year journey, exploring other religions.
• After his long journey and much meditation he
was finally “enlightened”.
• He found the middle path, the key to human
happiness. For the rest of his life he wandered
Asia, preaching his new religion.
What Did Buddha Teach?
• He taught the 4 Noble
truths which sum up
Buddhism religion
• He also taught the noble
eight fold path
• He taught to lead a moral
life, be mindful and aware
of thoughts and actions
and to develop wisdom
and understanding
• He also taught the 5
What are the Four Noble Truths?
• The first was that life is suffering
• You can’t live without death, frustration, etc.
• The second is that suffering is caused by craving
and aversion
• Getting what you want doesn’t guarantee happiness, it
deprives you of it
• The third is that suffering can be overcome, and
true happiness attained
• If we stop craving useless things, and live each day at a time
(not living in the future) we will be happy and free.
• The fourth is that the Noble eight fold path leads
to the end of all suffering
The Noble Eightfold Path
• It taught 8 simple rules:
• To have a right
• To have right thoughts
• To use right speech
• To do right actions
• To deal with right
• To give a right effort
• To have a right
• To use the right
The 5 precepts
Do not take the life of anything living
Do not take anything not freely given
Abstain from sensual overindulgence
Refrain from untrue speech
Avoid intoxication
• Do not lose mindfulness
• This is the moral code of the Buddhists
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