Does saving energy really matter?

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Does saving energy really matter?
Does saving energy
really matter?
L/O – To know why we should try to
conserve energy and how we can
limit our use of fossil fuels
How would you get
that energy?
If you were the last
person on earth
would you still need
‘When will fossil fuels run out?’
I am a history teacher
and I read in the news
paper that fossil fuels
will run out in 10 years
I am a geologist and
my research and
studies suggest that
we have about 50
years of fossil fuels
Who’s answer would
you trust and why?
I work for a Power
company and our
research tells us
fossil fuels will not
run out for over 200
I invented the solar
powered car and I
believe that fossil
fuels will run out in 20
Why should we try to conserve (save) energy
Burning fossil fuels
releases carbon dioxide
which contributes to
global warming
Fossil fuels are not
renewable so they will
run out
Most energy is made
by fossil fuels. This
should be conserved
The carbon particles
from burning coal can
lead to global dimming
Fossil fuels can be used
for other useful
products like plastics
and medicines
Impurities in
fossil fuels
such as
sulphur can
lead to acid
How have you used
fossil fuels today?
What could you do
to reduce your use
of fossil fuels?
In the car
Walk to school
Turn lights off
Wear a jumper before
turning heating on
Plastic Pen
Shower rather than bath
Hot bath
at 30ºC
Your task is to write a letter to your
Cup of Tea explaining why it is important to conserve energy,
and what you are going to do to help and how theOnly boil the
water you need
Clean Clothes
rest of your family could help
Starting your letter – several different ways
Do you know how many ways we waste energy ………
Saving energy is important because ……..
There are so many simple things we can do to save energy …….
Can you imagine what it might be like if fossil fuels ran out …..
How would your life change if
there were no fossil fuels left?
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