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U.S. History
Theodore Roosevelt: The Beginning
• Theodore Roosevelt was one American who believed a
revolution was coming.
Roosevelt believed Wall Street Financers and trust titans
were acting foolishly.
There was no limit to greed for Roosevelt
If docking wages would increase profits, it was done.
Higher railroad rates put more gold in their coffers, it was
Roosevelt wondered, How much was enough?
“A man who has never gone to school
may steal from a freight car: but if he
has a university education, he may
steal the whole railroad.”
- Theodore Roosevelt
What is Trust Busting?
• Trust busting is a government act seeking to dissolve
corporate trusts and monopolies.
• A Trust means a large business.
• In 1898, President William McKinley launched the “Trust-
Busting” era when he appointed the U.S. Industrial
Trusts and Monopolies.
• Some companies got so big that smaller companies
couldn’t even compete with them.
• Trusts worried people, so Roosevelt broke up the
monopolies and trusts which gave him the nickname
“Trust Buster”.
• He attacked the trusts guilty of monopolies and set up the
necessary reforms that resulted in businesses into
accepting government regulations.
Meat Packing Industry
• The meat packing industry was making meat unhealthy
and inedible for buyers to eat.
• The meat was packaged in unsanitary conditions and was
poisoning buyers.
• The Federal Meat Inspection act was placed to inspect
and condemn any meat that was unfit for human
The Railroad Regulation
• The Hepburn Act of 1906 gave the Interstate Commerce
Commission (ICC) the power to set maximum railroad
rates and stopped free passes given to friends of the
• The Elkins Act of 1903 was the Administration's first effort
at the regulation of railroad rates; it proved ineffective in
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