(1): Farzanegan High school, Kashan, Iran

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(1): Farzanegan High school, Kashan, Iran
In the Name of God
Learning Circle PPH1 (September
2006 to January 2007) Farzanegan
HighSchool, Kashan, IRAN
Teacher: Fatemeh Nikui Nezhad
Message of Thanks
Special Thanks to the Project
Coordinator and Facilitator, Dear Barry
Many thanks to all Participants of the
Project, and all great students from
Farzanegan Highschool, Kashan, Iran
Project Idea (1): Farzanegan High
school, Kashan, Iran
Project idea 1:
Students' names: Mahya & Shohreh & Foroozan
1.Location of your country and your community?
2.Size of your country and your community?
3. History of your country and your community?
4.Who are super stars of your city and country?
5.How is the weather in your country and your
6.How far is it to the sea?
7.Was war in your country?
8.What's superhuman's city and country name?
9.Explain about your culture?
10.How is education in your country?
Germany Replies to
Farzanegan Project Idea 1
Our answers to questions from the students Mahya & Shohreh & Foroozan of
Kashan, Iran
Project idea 1:
1) Germany is in the middle of Europe. It is between France, Belgium, the
Netherlands in the west and Poland and the Czech Republic in the east. In the
north is Denmark and in the south Switzerland and Austria. Our school is in
the middle of Germany in the federal state of Lower-Saxony.
2) Germany is about the size of France or Spain. Just a few square km less. In
our city (its name is Hildesheim) live about 110,000 inhabitants.
3) In 962, the area which is Germany now, was part of the Roman Empire. In
1805 the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation was dissolved when the
French emperor Napoleon conquered Germany. 1871 Germany got an
emperor. He resigned in 1918, after the first world war had ended with a
capitulation. In 1933 the Nazis came into office and the second world war
began in 1939. After this terrible war ended, Germany was divided into East
Germany and West Germany from 1948 on. 41 years later Germany was
unitied again.
4) An actress of the (American) movie ´Troja´ comes from Hildesheim. In
the movie she plays the Troyan princess Helena. Her real name is Diane (Heid)Krüger. Other famous people from Germany are the formula one racer
Michael Schuhmacher, the football stars Michael Ballak and Jürgen
Klinsmann and the actress Heidi Klum.
Germany replies (continued)
5) Our
weather in Germany is very different. In winter it gets quite cold.
We have temperatures between about 3°C and -8°C - sometimes
and at some places even much colder. In summer it gets very hot.
About 20°C - 30°C. And in Germany like all over the world the
climate is getting warmer and warmer from year to year. This
November 2006 has been the warmest November since starting the
recording of temperatures over 100 years ago.
6) From Hildesheim to the North Sea or the Baltic Sea it is about 275
km. By car it is about four hours
7) We had the first and the second world war in the 20th, the last
century. Before that we had so many wars that we cannot list them all.
The most terrible one was the 30-years war from 1618-1648: millions
of people died because of the war, hunger, diseases and plain murder.
Lisa, Michele, Jonas, Sascha, Fadya
Students of Mr.Kreutzer’s English class
Hildesheim Lower Saxony Germany
Mehregan school Tehran replies to
Farzanegan project idea 1 Kashan
Dear our friends in kashan here are our answers to your project:
1. Location of your country & your community?
My country Iran is in the Asia in the part of Middle East & I live
in the city of Tehran
2.size of your country
My country is big one & high community
3. History of your country & your community?
My country has an old history
4. Who are super stars of your city and community?
Mohamad reza forotan & bahram radan & mahnaz afshar are
super stars of my city
5. How is the weather in your country & your city?
We have various types of weather in Iran, some places are hot
and some are cold
6. How far is it to the sea?
I think it is about three hundred km
7. Was war in your country?
Yes we had a war with Iraq
8. Whats super human's city & country name?
Super human's city are Esphehan , Tabriz , Mashhad
9. Explain about your culture?
We have an old culture
10. How is education in your country?
We have made progress in education &most of people have
beer graduated from universities
Project Idea (2): Farzanegan High
school, Kashan, Iran
Project idea 2 :
Students' names:Zahra, Rezvan, Fatemeh, Mahdieh
1- The best shopping street in your country?
what do they have and what can you buy from them? What
about costs/prices? Every thing is expensive or cheap?
2- About your country's millionaires? What's their names and
what do they do in your country? And any thing else….
3- What are the names of your country's famous actors ?
4- What are the things that changed your country?
5- What is the history of your communication in your country?
Answer from Jakarta in ppt format( see final projects’ page)
Project Idea (3): Farzanegan High
school, Kashan, Iran
Project idea 3:
Students' names: maryam ghiyasiyan, mohaddeseh
zeynab hoshyar, shafieh sayyadiyan.
1. How's the weather in your country ?
2. what's the name of historical places in your country?
3. what's your idea about Iranians?
4. what's your president's name ?
5. what's the religion in your country? and its practices?
How much the people in your country believe in God?
6. What is the role of God in your life?
Germany Replies to
Farzanegan Project Idea 3
Dear friends in Teheran, esp Maryam G, Mohaddesch S., Zeynab H., Safieh S.
We would like to answer your questions like this:
> 1) The weather in our country depends on the season. In spring the
weather always changes. In March at beginning it is cold and in June at the
end it is warm. In summer (June to September) it is very warm and dry,
because the sun shines the whole day (Up to 14 hours per day). After
summer comes the autumn (21st September to 21st December) and it gets
colder and darker and the trees drop their leaves. In winter it is very cold
and icy, more darker and sometimes it snows.
> 2) Brandenburger Tor: It is famous, because on the top there is a
quadriga, a battle wagon with four horses. The Brandenburger Tor is in
Berlin, the capital of Germany, .
> Siegessäule: The Siegessäule is famous, because after the French
emperor Napoleon had conquered Germany in 1805, the Germans fought
back and defeated him at Waterloo (with the help of the British).
> Kölner Dom: This cathedral is the biggest in Europe. It is in Cologne
> Expo-site: It is not so important anymore, but many poeple came from all
over the world to see the Expo in the year 2000.
> Hamburger Hafen: It is the biggest harbour in Germany. It is on the river
Elbe in Hamburg.
> KaufhausDesWestens: The KaDeWe is a big shopping center in Berlin, I
think it is the biggest in Europe.
> Oktoberfest: It is a big and famous beer festival in Germany.
Germany Replies to
Farzanegan Project Idea 3 (continued)
3) Our group (4 persons) don´t know much about the Irans. When we hear
the word "Iran" we think of war and terrorists. But maybe it is just
mistaken because "Iran" almost sounds like "Irak" to us. And of
course we do not think that everyone there is a terrorist. But on TV
often only poor people are shown or war and limited positive things.
We think there are many positive things, of course. For example the oil
stations. Maybe everyone there is wearing long gowns, because Iran is
big desert. The only thing we know is that the Irans have brown skin
and black hair.
> 4) The name of our president is Horst Köhler.
> 5) We have got every sort of religions in our country. Most Germans
are Christians. But some people believe in other denomination, like
the Muslims or the Jews. And we think that most if not all the people
believe in god.
> 6) This is a hard question... only person in our group believes in
God, but he can´t explain why.
Steffen M, Svenja L., Katharina M., Lukas K.
Students of Mr Kreutzer's class of English
Robert-Bosch-Comprehensive School
Hildesheim Lower Saxony Germany
Project Idea (4): Farzanegan High
school, Kashan, Iran
Project idea 4:
Students' names: Zahra (Susan) - Soha- AkhtarFatemeh
1) Could you describe your holy shrines (holy places for
2) Where are your mosques or churches?
3) How often do you go there?
4) What do you do there? How do you bless and pray
your God there?
5) What is your especial praying for God?
6) What is your imagination about God and His hidden
helps in your life?
7) Can we see our God watching us? How?
What’s your idea about the God’s love?
9) What is your traditional religious ceremony? (Please
send us some pictures)
Wish you all the best,
Jakarta replies to Farzanegan
project idea 4
Dear Zahra (Susan), Soha, Akhtar and Fatemeh,
We would give you some information about religion in Indonesia. So,,,
let's check this out .....
1. We are moslem. So, we go to the mosque when we want to pray.
But, we can pray any where else, for example at our house, at the field,
at the beach, during the place is clean and holy.
2. There are so many mosques in Indonesia. We can pray in any
mosque that we want. Not only in one mosque. So, if you ask us about
where is our mosque, we willl say that our mosque is everywhere. But,
usually we pray in the mosque near our home.
3. Properly, we do our prayer five times a day. But we are women. We
usually pray at home. Because, in Islam, for woman, pray at home is
better than pray at mosque. But sometimes we go to mosque and pray
4. We have a mosque in our school called Baitul Ilmi. Besides praying,
we also join youth organization in our school’s mosque. Every week,
we go to mosque and learn about Islam, holy Qur'an and many others.
Jakarta replies (continued)
5. When we feel desperate or frustrated, we pray devoutly,
implore to Him in for His helps. We believe that He will always
help us in every problem.
6. Now, tell about God's hidden helps. we think, without His
helps (hidden or not) our life isn't as good as now. So, we must
be grateful for His love for us.
7. We can't see our God watching us. But we can feel it. In
every breath we take He gives us great grace and bless in our
life. Health, wealth, safety, and many others since we were just
created. Now, He still gives great grace for us every time and
everywhere. Did you feel it too?
8. God's love is one thing that never leaves our life. He always
gives although we don't ask for it. With His great love, we live
comfortably safe. You must believe it.
Jakarta replies (continued)
9. There are many traditional religion ceremonies in
Indonesia. Every ethnic group in Indonesia has different
traditional ceremony. If we write about Indonesian traditional
religion ceremony, it will be very long. But don't worry, we
will tell you about one of the traditional religion ceremony.
Every Muharram 1st (Hijriyah/Islamic New Year), there is one
habit to celebrate this event. Usually, at New Year time
people always make a party with their family and friends.
There must be fireworks, trumpet, and other festivities in
New Year time. But during Hijriyah New Year, there is no
party, no fireworks, and no trumpet because we have a
unique tradition to celebrate this event. We called it "Pawai
Obor" (torch parade). In this parade, each people must bring
torch. Other people bring "beduk" – it is a large drum
suspended horizontally at mosque to summon people to
prayer. We walk around the town while worshipping God by
pronouncing His great names and attributes at the same
time. This event is always done at night and it makes the
light of torch seen so beautifully. We are sorry that we can't
send the pictures of this "Pawai Obor’.
Well, that’s the answers from us. Hope it can help you make your report.
Anda, Tya, and Ruby
Students of Labschool Senior High, Jakarta
Farzanegan highschool(Kashan)
replies to Saba school (Tehran)
Hello dear teacher and students from Saba school.Hope you enjoy working on this
Questions and answers:
1-What do you do during the day? We go to school at 8:00 until 3:00 in the
afternoon , then we come back to home and have break for half an hour and
then we're going to study more for next day .
2-What do you usually wake up in the morning? We usually wake up at 7:00 in
the morning for school.
3-When do you go to school? We go to school at 7:45 and the class starts at
8:00 .
4-Do you go out alone or with your friend? We usually go out with our friends
and sometime with our family but never go out alone .
5-Do you do exercise during the day? Sometimes we do exercise during the day
but once a week we do a lot of exercise in school
6-Do you play any musical instrument? We play violon and guitar
7-What is your traditional music? Also musical instrument ? flute is our
traditional music.
Mahdieh R, Zahra CH, Fatemeh F, Atefeh R
Farzanegan highschoo, Kashan, Iran
Farzanegan Students (Kashan-Iran) talk to
Hildesheim (Germany)
Hello my dear friends in Hildesheim:
Your answers to our questions were very complete and good but your answer to
third question that it was for Iran and Iranian wondered us very much. So I thought
that's better I send to you some info about Iran that maybe your idea about Iran
change. Iran isn’t a big desert rather It has different weathers (you can see
pictures of Iran ) and the Iranian aren't poor people. We have many famous people
and scientists that they live in Iran and other countries for Example: Anooshe
Ansari, Shirin Ebadi that she is the first Iranian's woman that win Nobel's prize
(you can see some other people in the world) and some of them don't live now for
Example: Prof.Mr.Hessabi that he was Einstein'sstudent. I invite you that come to
Iran . Unfortunately, Islam is misinterpreted and we moslems are introuduced as
terrorists. Never. We all are against war and violent acts for everybody in the
whole world. We love you and all religions are respected.
"With the best wishes"
Zahra Zare, Farzanegan high school,Kashan,Iran
Hello. Thank you very much for your opinion about Iranian people. Your opinion is
mostly mistake. The Iranian are very kind, but, because we are Muslim and people
in another countries don't have enough & sufficient information about Islam, they
think we are terroirist. The Islam religion is religion of peace. I suggest you to
study about Islam and Iran more.
Zeinab,Hoshyar,Farzanegan high school, Iran
A friendly letter from Kashan-Iran to Hildesheim In the name of God
Hello my dear friends in Hildesheim,
When we read you answer about Iran; we wonder very much, because more of your
information about Iran are mistake. I say many things about Iran and us that you recognize Iran
very good.
Iran is one of beautiful and big countries in Asia and all of people know this. Iran is very
attractive and worth- seeing. In this country there are many wise man and woman; for example:
Dr.hesabi, Dr.kazemi ,ms shirin ebadi and some of people that I don't say name of all right now.
Perhaps you hear this name: Anosheh Ansari.. She is the first woman that be able go to space
and she is from Iran. It means many of great people are from Iran. and
Iran has many honors all of them like Iran very much and we like Iran too. We don't like others
to insult Iran and say Iranians are terrorist.
We are experienced in warfare but isn't warlike.
Why do you think Iran is the terrorist country and we are terrorism. But we say: never mind;
because we think you don't know any things about Iran .we to be forgetting these.
Iran is a restful country and it isn't fighter and Iranian loves their country very much; because
Iran is the bright talents country.
But about Iranians, Aryan race is the best race and the must Iranian are from this care.
In this persons color hide is white and often
They have black hair, also is Iran exists other race. The must of people say Iranian race is like
to Germany race. Iranian very loves their family but in Europe people not to live with their
Iranian are very hospitable and generous.
In this big country .in the meantime we very love our hejab ( cover for body) and we pride that
.we believe human mustn't demolish his personality with unfit cover. I think you get acquainted
with Iran .we wish to get acquainted with your ceremonies and rules.
I'm hopeful we can to get acquainted with other country until they haven't made wrong
thoughts about our country and we can make friend with eachother .
Best wishes, Farzanegan Highschool, Kashan, Iran
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