“So I finished my first draft!” “Good for you.” “Now what?”

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“So I finished my first draft!” “Good for you.” “Now what?”
“So I finished my first draft!”
“Good for you.”
“Now what?”
1) First thing to do when
revising a draft:
• Ask yourself, “What is my purpose, and how
well does my current draft complete that
• “What are the strong and weak elements of
the piece that affect how well my purpose is
2) Second thing to ask:
“Does my draft complete the requirements?”
• Does it tell a single, cohesive story?
• Does the story have a moral message?
• All FOUR writing tools involved?
3) Third thing to do:
Decide which specific revisions need to be made.
• “Do I need to focus on one particular section or
the unity of the work as a whole? What
changes to that section need to take place?”
• “What should I add to impact my piece? Is
there anything I should take out? What should
I adjust?”
The Final Cut:
Perfecting your paper
Title your paper
Take a cliché and alter it to your paper.
• “The Lion, the Witch, and the Hairdryer”
• “I Was the Best of Teens, I Was the Worst of
No Unnecessary Question Marks:
A Day at Laser Tag???
Grammar, Spelling
Punctuation…yes, it counts 
Read it out loud.
Note punctuation:
Comma Rules!
Dialogue and Quotation marks
Paragraphs help, you know.
Circle things you aren’t sure about and ASK!!!
Finally, Get Feedback
Read it to yourself.
Get a friend to read it.
Get Mr. C to read it.
Get another teacher to read it.
Get a parent to read it.
Read it to yourself again.
When you’re done With your
new draft, start the
revision process over again!
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