Beginning Teacher Powerpoint

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Beginning Teacher Powerpoint
Beginning Teacher
September Forum #1
Classroom Management
Forum Structure Part A
• Introductions
• Classroom Management Absolutes
- Clearly Defined and Posted Expectation
- Assertive Intervention
- Practice Roll Out Speeches
• Announcements
• Closing
• Classroom management training will be
• Appropriate interventions to behavior problems
will be practiced.
• Rapport building with students to maximize
academic success and minimize behavior
problems will be emphasized.
Active Listening
Appropriate use of electronics
Equity of voice
Respect for all perspectives
Going around the room, state:
• Your name
• What you teach
• Something that will make us all smile
Forum Structure Part B
Classroom Management
What does it look like?
Expectations (I-9)
Expectations for Behavior
All Expectations Must:
• Be clearly defined and posted
• Be monitored constantly and consistently
• Have consequences when not followed
• Should address 3 – 6 of the most frequently occurring
and/or the most unacceptable behavior
• Must be specific and observable
Activity/Transition Procedures:
• Must be taught, modeled, and practiced until they
are performed automatically
• Must, must, must include an attention signal
• Can be specific to the offense
- Chewing gum: Scrape gum in detention
- Broke in line: Last in line for one week
• Can be generic and graduated
- First Offense: Warning
- Second Offense: Call home
- Third Offense: Teacher detention
- Fourth Offense: Office Referral
• Can be in response to how serious the offense is
- Minor
- Moderate
- Severe
Assertive Approach to Intervention
Be sure your message is clear
• Use proximity
• Stay calm and lower your voice
• Keep the focus of your message on the
• Be direct and specific
• Be firm and matter of fact
• Specify any consequences
Follow through with accountability
• Be consistent
• Be fair
Effective Intervention Practice
• Form groups of three and assign roles:
- Student - Teacher - Observer
• Student chooses a scenario from the stack of five
and reads it aloud
• Teacher role-plays a response directed to student
• Observer gives positive feedback to teacher
• Teacher incorporates feedback from observer and
responds to the same scenario
• Teacher asks observer for specific advice and gives
a polished response to the scenario
• Repeat the above activity 2 more times until each
participant has played all 3 roles
Essential Classroom
Management Skills
• Focus more time, attention, and energy on
acknowledging responsible behavior than on
responding to misbehavior.
• Preplan responses to misbehavior to ensure
that responses are in a brief, calm,
immediate, and consistent manner.
Important Considerations
• Don’t take misbehavior personally, even if
remarks are directed to you.
• Just as you have to learn how to intervene
effectively to misbehavior, your students have
to learn how to change their behavior. Be
patient. Everyone is on a learning curve.
• Approach every intervention with intentions
to deescalate the situation and minimize the
disruptive effects on the rest of the class.
Forum Structure Part C
• IPDPs are due October 30, or, for late hires,
within 15 working days from the start date of
the beginning teacher.
• Other announcements pertinent to
your campus BTs
Forum Structure Part D
Reflecting on the Learning
Complete the CAL Survey:
• What’s working? (What is going well so far this
• What are your challenges/concerns? (Have there
been any challenges or concerns that have been
difficult to resolve?)
• What might be your next steps? (What might you
do to address any pending concerns? Will you use
anything that has been addressed in this learning?)
• What can I do for you? (What kind of support
would you like from your mentor and what kind of
training would you like from your CIC?)
CAL Survey:
Activities Completed with Mentor
• Which activities have you completed with your
• Check the boxes on the CAL Survey for the
specific activities that you and your mentor
completed together.
• Be sure to verify the completion in MAS.
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