“If there`s one thing I hate, it`s the movies. Don`t even mention them

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“If there`s one thing I hate, it`s the movies. Don`t even mention them
I will be projecting a total of 17 slides for the duration of the
class today. I would like you to read the slide, then take a few
minutes to THINK, REFLECT, then CONNECT to each one.
I am giving you permission to feel however you want. THINK
about how it may relate to you or to an experience you may have
had. REFLECT upon how the words you are reading make you
feel. Are you laughing? Are you mad? Do you agree on some
level? Are you thinking of a time when…or do these words
conjure up a story that relates in some way? Whatever it is,
WRITE IT DOWN. The outcome, or the words you write, is
the way in which you CONNECTED to the slides. This will be
different for each one of you, and that’s the beauty of this. I can’t
tell you how to feel, or what is right or wrong--the responses
from an activity such as this are so authentically “you,” that I
can’t really give you too much specific direction. You are free to
search your brains, and latch on to whatever pops up.
NOTE: I am asking you to please read, write, then share. Remain
silent until we are ready to discuss. Please raise your hands to share
your connections, and listen to what your peers have to say. I
understand that you have a lot to say, but one at a time is the most
respectful way to approach this.
“I’m the most terrific liar you ever
saw in your life. It’s awful. If I’m
on my way to the store to buy a
magazine, even, and somebody
asks me where I’m going, I’m
liable to say I’m going to the
opera. It’s terrible.”
“If there’s one thing I hate, it’s
the movies. Don’t even mention
them to me.”
“The more expensive a school is,
the more crooks it has – I’m not
even kidding.”
“I don’t care if it’s a sad goodby or a bad good-by, but
when I leave a place I like to
know I’m leaving. If you don’t,
you feel even worse.”
“I’m not too crazy about sick
people, anyway.”
“I don’t much like to see old guys in their
pajamas and bathrobes anyway. Their
bumpy old chests are always showing.
And their legs. Old guys’ legs, at
beaches and places, always look so
white and unhairy.”
“People never notice
“Grand. There’s a word I really
hate. It’s a phony. I could puke
every time I hear it.”
“That’s something that drives
me crazy. When people say
something twice that way,
after you admit it the first
“You can’t stop a teacher when they
want to do something.
They just do it.”
“I’d never yell ‘Good luck!’ at
anybody. It sounds terrible,
when you think about it.”
“That’s something else that’s a
royal pain. I mean if you’re
good at writing compositions
and somebody starts talking
about commas.”
“All I need’s an audience. I’m
an exhibitionist.”
“He hated it when you called him a
moron. All morons hate it when you
call them a moron.”
“Almost every time somebody
gives me a present, it ends up
making me sad.”
“But you can’t always tell – with
somebody’s mother, I mean.
Mothers are all slightly insane.”
“What I like best is a book that’s at
least funny once in a while. I read a
lot of classical books… and I like
them, and I read a lot of war books
and mysteries and all, but they don’t
really knock me out too much. What
really knocks me out is a book that,
when you’re all done reading it, you
wish the author that wrote it was a
terrific friend of yours and you could
call him up on the phone whenever
you felt like it.”
Your homework tonight is to
expand on ONE of your reactions.
Elaborate, flesh out your
immediate reaction. In class
tomorrow you will have an
opportunity to share your
response with a partner.
What questions do you have??
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