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What can I do to make a difference and become a
global citizen?
Key Question:
How can Canadian citizens voice their opinions and
influence the government?
Pressure Groups
-an organized group of people with common interests and
concerns who attempt to influence decision makers.
Goal: To change government policy as they see fit
Hmmm…..What types of issues are pressure groups concerned with?????
-pressure groups include organizations whose interests are:
• Economic
• Medical and health related
• Environmental
• Religious
• Concerned with issues of equality
Hmmmm….What is a lobbyist???
-when pressure groups become highly organized they are
sometimes called lobby groups
-a lobbyist is a person who is affiliated with a pressure group who
attempts to influence decision makers through direct persuasion,
discussion, or persistent attention
- Often they are paid and will directly meet with government
ministers to advise on, or try to influence policy.
Can you provide some examples
of lobby groups?
 Canada Council for the Arts
 Human Rights Watch
 David Suzuki Foundation
 Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
 Monsanto
 Tobacco Industry
Hmmm.....How can you let your disapproval of government policies or practices
be known??
-some activists who are concerned with social justice believe that it is
sometimes necessary to use more forceful action to achieve their
Protest group: when a group of activists come together at an event
they have organized to promote a cause ie) rallies,
parades, marches, sit ins, public demonstrations and road blockades
Civil Disobedience
 “If the machinery of government is unjust, Break The
 When legal ways of voicing their opinion doesn’t work,
citizens turn to Civil Disobedience
 It is the Act of Intentionally breaking the law, or
refusing to keep laws citizens feel are unjust
"All men recognize the right
of revolution; that is, the
right to refuse allegiance to,
and to resist, the
government, when its
tyranny or its inefficiency
are great and
unendurable." -- Thoreau,
Civil Disobedience
Thoreau's words still ring true to this day. Civil
disobedience is occurring in the world as you read
these words.
Can you name any groups which are rebelling against their
 Have you ever rebelled against injustice? If you could
join a cause, what would it be? If you created an
activist group, what would you fight for?
Global Citizen according to Oxfam
-The global citizen is someone who:
-is aware of the wider world and has a sense of his or her own role as a world citizen
-respects and values diversity
-has an understanding of how the world works economically, politically, socially, culturally,
technologically, and environmentally
-is outraged by social injustice
-participates in and contributes to the community at a range of levels from local to the global
-is willing to act to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place
-take responsibility for his or her own actions
Human Rights: Universal rights, based on what we generally believe to
be right or wrong, which apply to all people, in all countries, at
all times
Are you a global citizen??????????
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