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Football Champion Cup 2015
Kick Your Goal! The Whole of August .This is a Football Event
arranged by Nextraq Services Private Limited, this is a
Competition to encourage and give a platform to New Talent.
…………Twinkle Dadial-Event Manager
It is an event to invite and unite Football
Champions all over Mumbai to participate not only
to compete for excellence but also to exhibit their
Talent to their perspective audience. Give a chance
to local football teams at a new level.
Our Vision is to empower various communities to
unite for good causes through sports.
Our strategy is hosting Championship tournament
each year and promote sports in this context
forever. This is a long term programme that will
develop grass root football into more potential
This event attracts from football fans from all over
the city, local health and advocacy bodies to
scouts from professional sports bodies and clubs
to spot potential footballers for greener pastures.
This project also being such a new concept of its
kind, has shown signs of being potential enough to
solve not only football in BME communities but
also able to divert vulnerable youths from antisocial activities.
To provide an open forum for tackling key issues
and challenges facing football communities.
 To enable and empower all communities to
create new opportunities and open pathways
through the development of strategic
 To create sustainable opportunities in
participation and open pathways to access
football at all levels of the game by providing
opportunities to access funding, partnerships,
coaching, training and education.
 Through this competition, our ambition
collectively and severally is to play the gracious
game of football at the highest level in this
country. We believe that given the opportunities
available to us in this country and one day, the
competition will produce individuals to
participate at the highest level of football in this
western world.
We want to provide a healthy and amicable social activity
of interaction for our younger and old members of our
We are focused on developing the younger talents in our
community by providing a spring board which will help
them progress their individual talents to higher levels and
greener pastures.
We envisage that by forming and running this Football
Championship Cup, we are providing our younger
generations mainly the adolescents and the youth a more
productive alternative that will draw them away from
destructive behavior and activities.
We want to teach ourselves the basic concept of team work
in our lives and also how to live and work with people from
different cultures.
To encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyles and to
contribute to improving the well being and quality of life of
people of all ages and abilities hence living more healthy
Football being a social activity, our tournament provides us
with an opportunity of meeting as people from the same
community and interacting with one another with the aim
of getting to know each other better and how we can help
each other, even on personal issues.
Learning from the best; when we move around playing
games all over the country, we appreciate the footballing
culture of this country and the infrastructure. And this is a
point of enlighten for us who come from the 3rd world.
On the back of a successful project, through current networks, the
opportunity will be given for a large sponsor to put their name to the project
in return for funds to continue the growth.
The project will specifically target areas of social deprivation or areas of high
anti-social behavior. It will bring together the whole community.
As a result of this programme, anti-social behavior reports will be monitored
to measure the social impact it has, training opportunities will be offered for
the young people by local clubs that will increase the viability and improve
the range and quality of sports options available within the community.
We will ensure that all football clubs are reaching out to every community.
We believe that football is the world’s most popular game, can help to bring
together people from different backgrounds to play, watch and enjoy the
game, and to break down barriers created by ignorance or prejudice.
We will aim to ensure that everyone who plays or watches football can do so
in a safe environment, without the fear of racial abuse and harassment, in
either a verbal or a physical form. We want to increase the participation of
people from ethnic minorities in football, as players, spectators or
Our tournament will use football to break down barriers between
communities and to increase the participation of young people from those
communities in the game.
Therefore, once they get involved in a sports activity they like, they will get
organized and start doing things the right way and get enormous benefits
which will make them feel good as whole human beings. They will start
living their lives happily.
And of course not forgetting one thing; to have fun!
What’s Unique about Us?
To create interest in football sport and to spread
awareness by participating on regular basis,
thundering the monsoon with our “Kick Your Goal”
football tournament.
Participants: (Fees for the Entire Tournament)
Adult Team (Registration fees Rs.1000/- per head)
Kids Team (Registration fees Rs.700/- per head)
Age Bar:
Adult Team- Above 17
Kids Team- Above 12 & Below 17
Skills Required:
Well equipped with their own equipments
Multiple Venues
Expected Audience:
Expected Audience: 5000
From: residents, colleges, schools and working class
Valuing preparation
The football tournament will help the young
ones learn how to distinguish between effort
and ability. It will increase self-discipline and the
awareness of the value of preparation because
they will see and analyze the difference in their
The game will provide an unparalleled model for
dealing with disappointment and misfortune.
They put in extra time on fitness or work on
specific weaknesses in their game with their
respective groups.
Attitude control
Older teens learn that a confident attitude
improves their performance, and that they have
some control over their attitude hence
improving their game.
Long-term thinking
They will learn the fundamental lesson of
sacrificing immediate gratification for long-term
Relationships with other teen players
Football players develop relationships with their team
mates. For boys, football is a primary, and unfortunately
sometimes the sole, way of socializing with others.
Our organized sports project sponsored by local clubs and
local businesses offers players an opportunity to meet a
variety of players from different backgrounds. Players from
public, private and local community clubs come together in
a common enterprise, crossing socio-economic and ethnic
lines, so that over the time all players broaden their sense
of how other people live. The genuinely multicultural
environment is of tremendous importance in our polarized
Participating in a community
Football fosters a sense of community: It gives both
participants and spectators the experience of belonging to
something larger than themselves, the need for which
seems to be hard-wired into the human brain.
 Playing for an organization or a community gives
individuals a chance to feel that they are making a genuine
contribution to a larger group.
Kick Your Goal is identified with qualities that include
“exciting”, “talent”, “energy”, “dynamic”, “suspense”,
“entertainment-packed”, “pioneering” and “thrilling”.
Brands love to be associated with these qualities. BRAND
mention on all official documents of the Event:
Newspaper Articles
Registration Forms
Participants Badges
Trophies, Certificates & Medals
On Ground Branding
Stage Branding
Organizer Team T-shirts
The Brand will be endorsed by the Commentators through
Organizing Team T-shirts
Host T-shirt
Brand Mentioning on Trophies
Grid Backdrop on Winners Podium
Brand Gifting (Prize) for winners
Brand name on medals
Brand name on Certificates
Post Event Articles and Pictures in
leading newspapers.
 Posters spread over Cafes, Football
Academies, Sports Stores
 Hoardings around the venue.
 Football pictures on Facebook
Event Page
 Will be covered in Sports
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