1A2 Geography 6th January, 2015

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1A2 Geography 6th January, 2015
1A2 Geography
6th January, 2015
Tourism: A service industry
• List and explain three reasons why Ireland has
seen an increase in the number of tourists
visiting the country over the last number of
In pairs, discuss…
• … what has made Cobh a popular tourist
Tourism – A Service Industry
• Tourism is a very
important example of a
tourist industry.
• It contributes to the
Tourism – A Service Industry
• Particular regions offer various attractions to tourists.
• These include:
1. Areas of natural beauty.
2. Beaches and coastlines.
3. Regions offering recreational and sporting facilities.
4. Cities.
(You will be learning about these during next Monday’s
class and during the first class on Tuesday.)
• Tourist services and facilities are often located in such
Growth in Tourism
• At least seven reasons can be given to explain
why the number of tourists visiting Ireland has
grown significantly.
Growth in Tourism
1.In the developed world, laws say that people
in employment must be given holiday pay/paid
time off.
– Encourages people to take holidays.
– Makes holidays more affordable.
2. Many people work in stressful jobs and need
time to relax.
Growth in Tourism
3. Improved air transport.
– Knock, Co. Mayo and Farranfore, Co. Kerry.
– Chartered flights during peak season to
popular places, e.g. Alicante, Spain.
4. Airlines, such as Ryanair, have brought down
the cost of air travel.
Growth in Tourism
5. ‘Package holiday’ affordable and easily booked.
– Flights and accommodation can be booked
6. Internet: Allows people to research destinations
and find cheap holidays.
7. The Euro: A single currency means we don’t have
to worry about exchanging currency when travelling
to other countries in the Eurozone.
– But currency must be exchanged outside of the
Eurozone and this costs money!
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