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Becoming PoD People - Association of Southeastern Research
Becoming PoD People
Jamie D. Bradway
Preservation Librarian
NCSU Libraries
February 11, 2011
A Few Notes (Admissions)
We don't have a Print on Demand Program
No charged committee or task force
No mandate to prioritize PoD services over other
Our digital collection (that would be considered
for PoD) is small
Most monographic material would be pulled from
items digitized by the OCA.
Digital Content
Open Content Alliance (Internet Archive)
3,195 items scanned between February 2008 and
February 2010
Wide variety of file formats
Technical Reports, University Publications
Some Goals
Ultimately, a 'Buy a Print Copy' option for all
eligible digital content
Within reach, offer a PoD 'store-front' of titles
selected from our OCA collection (along with
additional titles digitized for this purpose.)
Public Domain Reprints – Feb. 2008
First try, out of curiosity
Prepared by publicdomainreprints.org
Printed and shipped by Lulu
Title: Origin of Cultivated Plants, 1881
Result follows...
Origin of Cultivated Plants
Lulu, July 2008
Traditional Binderies
The HF Group
Bridgeport National
Will process files for print
Will print intermittent color pages as
Will charge a lot more
Will have a longer turnaround
Poor choice of title
Better Choice of Title
Sex-linked Inheritance in Drosophilia
Lulu - right down the street
Moved into the neighborhood in 2009
Very interested in having a library partner
Think of Lulu as a vendor, not a service
FedEx/Kinkos (really!)
• Digital textbooks
• Single or small runs to add to collection
• Collate color pages
NCSU gets Caffeinated
Espresso Book Machine installed at Bookstore
March 2010
Merger of Copy services with Bookstore
Irregular PDF's
Trim size less than 8.5” x 11”
Prepping Files
The crux of the problem
Cannot be fully automated with good results and
free software
Have developed workarounds that minimizes staff
Scan Tailor
Various home brewed scripts
Processing will take ~4 hours per for average
Getting to the Next Stage
• Working proof of concept
• Storefront of a few dozen titles
• Continue to seek highly automated process
• Kirtas’s Bookscan Editor?
• Develop use cases and investigate Digitize on
• Lulu – http://www.lulu.com
• Print on Demand Reprints –
• http://www.publicdemandreprints.org
• Kirtas – http://www.kirtas.com
• On Demand Books (Espresso) –
• http://www.ondemandbooks.com
• The HF Group – http://www.thehfgroup.com
• Bridgeport – http://www.bnbindery.com
More Links
Services and software:
• DIY Bookscanner – www.diybookscanner.org
• Scan Tailor – http://scantailor.sourceforge.net
• IrfanView – http://www.irfanview.com
Thanks very much.
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