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Resources for
Student Organizations
The Office of Campus Activities has a wide range of resources that
student organizations can check out. Student Organizations must be
recognized by the Office of Campus Activities in order to check out
items. Most items are free, but a few have a nominal fee.
You can find these resources at The Student Organization Resource
Center (SORC). In this presentation, you will learn about many of the
resources available for you to use. We recommend you reserve all
items at least one week in advance.
Please contact:
SORC Secretary,
at the SORC Front
Desk to provide
your reservation
[email protected]
(215) 895-1328
The popcorn machine is for
student orgs to check out for
events or meetings. We supply
the popcorn kernels.
Everything must be thoroughly
cleaned before it is returned.
These are game buzzers that
student orgs often use for game
nights. We have three different
kinds of buzzers for your events.
We also have a Wii game system available for student organizations
to check out! This comes complete with a Wii game console,
component cable, power cable, sensor bar with plastic holder, four
“Wiimotes,” two nunchucks, four AA batteries, and WiiSports.
Everything listed must be returned in good condition! Enjoy!
We also have an Xbox game system available for student
organizations to check out! This comes complete with an xbox, one
component cable, power cable, two xbox controllers, and one NBA
2K12. Everything listed must be returned in good condition! Enjoy!
The helium tank is a resource
available for blowing up balloons.
You may bring your own balloons,
but we do supply balloons and
string to tie them with, if you wish
to use them. Using our
balloons/helium tank is free, so
don’t hesitate to take advantage
of this resource! Just go to the
front desk to have them let you in
to the closet where it is kept.
The button maker is
available for student orgs to
use/check-out to create
buttons for promotional
purposes or to use as a
simple, yet fun activity for
your group. We also provide
the supplies/materials for the
button maker.
The full color poster printer is available for student organizations to use
for advertising. Each student group receives one free poster per term,
and is charged only $5 for any additional posters. Your poster must be
24”x36” in size and in PDF format. To print, send the file to the SORC
Secretary at [email protected] and we will send it to the printer for
you. You can typically pick up your poster in the SORC within the same
day as the request.
This is the SORC black and white/color
printer, copier, scanner and fax
machine. To print directly from one of
the SORC computers, send your work
to the “Canon” printer. You will then
enter your group’s copy code (provided
to your group’s president) into the ID
and password areas. If you forget it,
the SORC Secretary can give it to you.
To copy or fax, go to the machine
itself and enter this same code into
the ID and password areas.
Each student org is allotted 50 free
black and white copies per term, then
charged only 3 cents per additional
copy. Color copies are also available
for only 8 cents per sheet.
Your SAFAC account is charged for
Want to make your brochures/
flyers more presentable? You
can use the laminator to do so.
Simply ask the secretary for
the plastic.
We have a polaroid camera for
student orgs to check out. It
does not come with polaroid
film. You can order the
polaroid film via a purchase
request form, if you do not
already have some.
We also have an SRD Nikon Digital Camera available for student
organizations to check out. Prior to being able to taking this camera
out for use the student must undergo training with the Photography
Club, to ensure he or she knows how to use the camera correctly and
responsibly. For more information on trainings, contact the
Photography Club at [email protected]
The assortment of colored paper and die cutter are available
for everyone to use at no cost! The die cutter cuts shapes and
letters into paper. It is a great way to save time when making
a banner/poster. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from the front
desk when using this.
The large rolls of colored paper
come in handy when making
signs and banners for events and
information tables. Take as you
need, but please be considerate
to others and keep the rack
clean, tidy and organized after
each use!
The white-boards can be used
to enhance meetings or events.
Dry erase markers and erasers
are provided.
Please make sure to ONLY use
dry erase markers on these
The white-board arrows are used to give directions to an event or
meeting. These are dry erase boards, so you can specialize them. Dry
erase markers and erasers are provided.
Please make sure to ONLY use dry erase markers on these boards!
The A-Frames are great ways to promote organizations/events. There
are two A-Frame locations available for student orgs to reserve spaces:
the bookstore lobby, and Creese lobby. Follow the poster printer
procedure if it needs to be printed. You may have up to two weeks to
keep your poster up depending on availability. You may reserve more
than one space at a time.
The large easel is also a great
way to promote your
organizations/events. The main
difference between this board and
the a-frames are that you can take
the easel anywhere you’d like to
use it however it meets your need.
Pictionary, anyone?
The leadership library in the SORC
is complete with a variety of books,
videos, icebreakers, team builder
games, and curriculum for
leadership development. Each item
has been donated by a person who
it has positively impacted. You may
check any of these out or donate
any from your personal collection
that you feel others could benefit
from. If donating supplies, you may
wish to include a personal excerpt
in the front of the book on how it
has influenced you and your
leadership development.
Student organizations are able to sing along to 100+ songs with
the karaoke machine. Have fun jamming away to some great hits!
Student organizations are able to have hot water at
their fingertips! Best for tea ceremonies or ramen
noodle study sessions.
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