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Corporate powerpoitn template
Brighton & Hove City Council
Youth Service
September 2012
YS01 Youth Service Overview
The BHCC Youth Service will provide targeted support to
young people aged 13 to 19 (up to 25 with SEN) at level
1 (low to vulnerable need) and level 2 (vulnerable to
complex) as per the Supporting Families guidelines.
Based on the facts
The service is built according to:
Needs of clients and positive outcomes
Children & Families budget allocations
Other services - e.g. voluntary sector
provision and special projects funded by
other budgets
Outcomes focus
Delivery is focused on the following core outcomes:
Resilience amongst young people will be improved
Young people, families and community stability will
be improved
Delivery supports the following outcomes:
Transitions for young people will be improved
Citizenship amongst young people will be increased
Constructive use of leisure time will be increased
Referral pathway
Referrals will come in from both internal and external
sources. That includes the social care pathway to CAF
cases. All referrals need to go through the allocations
process so they can be monitored.*
All cases will be assessed to ascertain the young
persons need and to assist in prioritising multiple needs.
This includes recording both sexual health and
substance misuse screening.
( *see Youth Service 1:1 Support Programme doc)
Continuum of support
Open access - delivery of activities which prevent,
or assist early identification of, problems; working
closely with targeted services
Targeted Services - early interventions for young
people identified as facing multiple difficulties.
Delivered in a range of settings from street based,
youth centre to school; working closely with open
access and specialist services
Specialist Services – Supporting transitions in
and out of specialist services i.e. CAF pathway
Continuum of support
Open Access / Targeted
The framework will involve targeted delivery taking place
in open access settings in co production with young
people and other providers. Measurement of impact will
be on improved outcomes for young people.
Joint delivery
The BHCC Children & Families Delivery Unit vision is to
deliver services via locality working.
The model will ensure a delivery framework which allows
scope for innovative working and dovetails into
commissioned provision across sectors.
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