What is our service

megaslides.com is startup project with goals: Create community to share documents and knowledge online.
And to accelerate the development of the community, megaslides support members to share unlimited documents.

megaslides.com is continuing the construction of tools to support document viewer, slide better in all browsers, mobile devices.
Team is also building the data statistical tools to help members assess the quality and extent of community concern.

How can you benefit from joining megaslides?

Share and Connect

Share documents and knowledge that you care with colleagues, customers, friends and those you are interested. You can easily embed documents, slide on the website or share on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn.

Save the knowledge that you are

If you find a document, or slide. You want to keep it for future reference, you can use megaslides as a store of knowledge of your inventory. megaslides will not limit the functions related to the material you have one.

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